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The inability or difficulty in remembering what one did under hypnosis is referred to as..

A) posthypnotic suggestion

B) posthypnotic amnesia

C) the Hippolyte effect

D) hysteria

Posthypnotic amnesia

The psychic energy associated with the life instincts is called....

A) libido

B) impetus

C) eros

D) thanatos


Freud referred to the death instinct as..

A) eros

B) libido

C) thanatos

D) more than on of the above


The _____ is governed by the pleasure principle.

A) superego

B) ego

C) id

D) ego-ideal


The ego operates in accordance with the..

A) reality principle

B) pleasure principle

C) ego-ideal

D) primary process

Reality principle

The ____ constantly strives for perfection.

A) id

B) ego

C) superego

D) libido


The ego must find objects or events that..

A) satisfy the needs of the id

B) cannot be attained by primary processes

C) do not violate the values of the superego

D) all of the above

satisfy the needs of the id

cannot be attained by primary processes.

do not violate the values of the superego.


___ refers to the investment of energy in an image of an object that will satisfy a need.

A) catharsis

B) cathexis

C) anticathexis

D) displacement


The fear of real sources of danger in the environment is called___ anxiety.

A) moral

B) neurotic

C) reality

D) enviroment


___anxiety is the fear that the impulses of the id will overwhelm the ego and cause the individual to do something for which he or she could be punished.

A) moral

B) neurotic

C) reality

D) enviroment


Moral anxiety is...

A) caused by real environmental dangers

B) the fear of being punished by others for impulsive actions

C) The internal punishment (guilt) experienced when the dictates of one's superego are violated.

D) the same as objective anxiety

The internal punishment (guilt) experienced when the dictates of one's superego are violated.

____ is the basic mechanism by which the ego prevents anxiety, provoking thoughts from being entertained in consciousness.

A) Displacement

B) Identification

C) Repression

D) Rationalization


You decide to call a friend and then conjure up his or her telephone number. According to Freud, in what part of the mind was that number before it was conjured up?

A) Preconscious

B) Unconscious

C) Conscious

D) Repressed


___ involves repressing objectionable thoughts and expressing their opposites.

A) Reaction formation

B) Rationalization

C) Identification

D) Projection

Reaction formation

Which of the following defense mechanisms explains why some hostages develop affection toward their captors?

A) altruistic surrender

B) identification with the aggressor

C) reaction formation

D) undoing

Identification with the aggressor

Freud believed that adult personality was formulated by..

A) 62 years of age

B) the end of the fifth year of life

C) the end of the first year of life

D) 40 years of age

The end of the fifth year of life.

Undergratification or overgratification at a certain psychosexual stage results in..

A) normal development

B) sexual perversions

C) fixation

D) psychosis


During which psychosexual stage does the Oedipus complex emerge?

A) Oral stage

B) Anal stage

C) Phallic stage

D) Genital stage

Phallic stage

The statement "Say whatever comes to your mind" describes the method of.....

A) hypnosis

B) free association

C) condensation

D) dream analysis

Free association

When we recall a dream, we describe its____ or what it appears to be.

A) synthesis

B) latent content

C) manifest content

D) dream work

Manifest content