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Rene Descartes 3 beliefs

Dualism, innate ideas, rationalism

Define Rationalism

all knowledge comes through logical reasoning

Johhn Locke 2 beliefs

People are born clean slates, epiricism

Define Empiricism

everything is learned though experience

Father of psychology

Wilhelm Wundt

Where was Wundt's first psy laboratory

leipzig, Germany

Edward Titchener's school of psy


William James' school of psy


psychology in the 1920's

science of mental life

psy in the 1920-1960's

observing behaviors

modern psy

studying behavior and mental processes

Board over psychology research ethics

Institutional Review Board

4 main ethics points

Informed consent, confidential, debriefing, deception

How much of all research is done with animals?


How are empirical questions answered?

through observations

What is skepticism

everything has 2 or more explanations, the most common is often the case

What is a case study?

a single person (case) studied at length

4 Lobes of the brain

frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital

Job of the frontal

Higher-order thinking, Motor function, broca's aphasia which affects ability to select words

Job of the parietal

Spatial processes and sensory/sensation, wernicke's aphasia which affects ability to understand language

Which hemisphere controls language

left hemisphere

Job of temporal


What is psychophysics

relation between stimuli and our perception

What is absolute threshold

minimum stimulation needed to be noticed 50% of the time

Difference Threshold

how different 2 stimuli must be in order for a difference to be noticed

What does Weber's law state?

difference thresholds are based on percentage difference, not amount difference

What is sensory adaptation?

diminishing sensitivity to constant stimulus

What is the job of rods?

to see shapes, black and white

what is the job of cones?

to see color

What is the path of light rays through the eye?

Cornea, pupil, lens, retina

what is young-Helmholtz trichromatic theory?

cones correspond to three wavelengths, red, green, blue

What is hering's opponent process theory

Each of the three types of cones from YH theory respond to 2 different wavelengths

Dual Process Theory

Both theories combined

What quality of sound does amplitude determine?


What quality of sound does wavelength determine


What quality of color does amplitude determine


what quality of color does wavelength determine?


What is the range for human hearing?

20-20,000 Hz

What causes us to be able to hear?

Stimulation of fluctuating hair cells on the Cochlear Basilar membrane

4 types of touch

pressure, warmth, cold, pain

What is the one sense that does not pass through the Thalamus first?


what triggers and umami taste?


What 2 receptors cause a burning sensation? How to we feel extreme temperatures

stimulation of warm and pain receptors simultaneously