Code Of Ethics In Psychology Essay

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Ethical Guidelines have influenced the field of psychology. They weren’t properly followed back in the 70’s and from experiments we have learnt just how important they are. They protect the wellbeing of participants in an experiment. Ethics have become stricter and more acknowledged as time has gone on and that will continue to happen in the future. Changes may be made to make the process of approving experiments easier and more available to everyone.

The Milgram experiment was conducted in 1963. It’s aim was to research how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person. This taught us that ordinary people are more likely to follow orders by someone who has authority, even to the extent of killing another
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They have gone from not being noticed to being strict to protect the wellbeing of participants. These experiments were don 't unethically and often criticised but they taught us more about psychology and influenced more ethical considerations to be made. Today, psychologists must undergo extensive research, interviews and applications informing ethics board of the experiment they wish to do. Once the board approves the experiment, they can do it. The ethics boards are made of senior psychologists and researchers. The code of ethics is very tight that no one would ever be able to do the experiment without getting approval. However, it can always be improved. In the future, there could be one big ethics board or only a few different big ones as it can be a long and hard process to get approval from a few different boards. Also, the process is very long and draining as it is a lot of back and forth of paperwork and meetings until the ethics board is satisfied. This is something that is speculated will change in the future to make it easier for researchers. These days, in order to get credits in psychology you need to participate in experiments but some people are under the age of eighteen and are unable to. In the future, the age of participating might be lowered so there is an equal opportunity for all students. These changes are to improve the ethical considerations and

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