Essay on Ethical Guidelines : Influenced The Field Of Psychology

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Ethical Guidelines have influenced the field of psychology. They weren’t properly followed back in the 70’s and from experiments we have learnt just how important they are. They protect the wellbeing of participants in an experiment. Ethics have become stricter and more acknowledged as time has gone on and that will continue to happen in the future. Changes may be made to make the process of approving experiments easier and more available to everyone.

The Milgram experiment was conducted in 1963. It’s aim was to research how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person. This taught us that ordinary people are more likely to follow orders by someone who has authority, even to the extent of killing another human being. This relates to obedience and how it is ingrained in us from a young age. Even though this experiment taught us more about psychology, it also proved to be an unethical experiment. Even though it was voluntary participation, the participants were deceived and not told the whole truth of the experiment. It was filmed so there was no anonymity and confidentiality. During the experiment, the participant was told to keep going many times even when they wanted to stop and leave. The participants were put in very stressful situations which have the potential to cause psychological damage. The participants as some thought negatively of themselves afterwards when they realised they could have easily killed or hurt somebody.…

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