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That which is written by humans and accepted over time is called what?
Positive Law
Why was the Cold War referred to as 'cold'?
It was based more on mistrust and tension between countries then a heated, armed battle between soldiers
Medicare was created to help provide medical care for what group of people?
Ages 65+
What is a market that has gone too high?
What would you call an imagined and idealized perfect system
Who is the person that complains in a law case?
Who were the only two presidents who got impeached in U.S. history?
Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
According to the book, which of the following are not categorized as a type of violence?
There are four types of national interests, which of the following is NOT one of then?
Secondary versus permanent
What does WMD stand for?
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Aid to Families with Dependent Children was replaced in 1996 with the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program by _______ and the Republican majority in Congress.
Bill Clinton
A government mandate is defined as what?
A law passed by a higher level of government that requires a lower level of government to take specific actions.
Groups the people are born into such as religions and tribes are what?
Taking one thing as a model for another is what?
What does WASP stand for?
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
What is an appeal?
Taking a case to higher court
Which president was very hands-off?
Preseident Reagan
Interactions among states are called what?
International relations
What is it called when a detainee protests innocence before a judge?
Habeas Corpus
Our court system consists of how many judicial structures?
ACCR: The U.N. remains largely a "talking shop" because it lacks what?
Enforcement Powers
The League of Nations tried to implement what type of agreement?
collective security
Percentage of voters switching parties from one election to the next is called what?
What is the right to vote?
What is the major political malfunction or instability?
System Breakdown
What kind of theory focuses on individuals?
What term is used to descrive a long term voter attachment to a given party?
Party identification
Term used to describe that which grows out of countries basic documents?
Constitutional Laws
What year did Germany unify under Prussian leadership?
ATTR: What does DOE stand for?
Department of Energy
What is a bureaucracy?
The career civil service service the staffs government executive agencies
What are legal decisions based on earlier decisions?
What was the baby boom?
The big generation of Americans born from 1946 to 1964.
What is a dysanalogy?
Showing that once things a poor model for another
What is the term used to refer to people who are educated and think deeply about things?
What is the term used for a sudeen replacement of an old system by a new one?
What is a stock market that keeps rising?
Bull Market
What is the Persian term for used for a king?
What kind of change causes the most unrest in a country going through modernization?
Economic Change
The Cold War created what kind of system between the U.S. and the Soviets?
ATTR: What party is run by a few political professionals?
Cadre Party
ATTR: What is being broken up into unreasonably small parts?
What countries border Indonesia?
Malaysia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea
ATTR: single-member districts with "plurality win" tend to produce __________ party systems.
All bills for raising revenue:
must originate fin the House of Representatives
ATTR: Legislatures nowadays ________ laws, but few of them _________ laws.
draft, pass