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Balance of Power
-Concept of one power balancing another state or power or process of keeping one state from conquering a whole area by teaming up
-doesnt imply peace, stability maintained by wars, only thing that changes in he real world
International Norms
-expectations actors hold about normal international relations
-Invasion of Kuwait by iraq, got same reaction around world, common elements of power
Levels of analysis
-away of organizing the many influences in IR to further understand international events
-look beyond immediate aspects of an event and look at possible influences of distant causes
NGO (Nongovernmental Organizations)
-Nonstate transnational actors, private organizations, beginning to be recognized, legitimate actors but not the same status as states
-largest NGO:Religious groups, NGOs have obtained observer status in UN
-integrating the world with tech, culture, econ., relations
-Global marketplace, diffuses authority