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The ____ button on the WordArt toolbar formats the line, color, fill and pattern, size , position, and other properties of the selected object.
Format WordArt
The ___ button on the WordArt toolbar chooses a different WordArt style for the selected WordArt object.
WordArt Gallery
If you want to retain an objects original settings, you can click the Reset button in the ____ area of the Format WordArt dialog box.
Original size
co-workers boxes share the same ____
A hyperlink allows you to move to an Internet address, specific slides in a _______.
PowerPoint presentation or another program
In terms of color scheme components, the ___ color is the fundamental color of a PowerPoint slide.
The WordArt Edit Text button on the WordArt toolbar changes _____.
text characters, font and font size
You can add custom sounds, such as ____ to a slide show.
music, human voice, sound effects
When the zoom percentage is less than 37 percent, tick marks display in ____ segments.
You can move the WordArt toolbar by dragging its ____
Title bar
Buttons on the WordArt toolbar allow you to ____ the shape of letters.
Slant, rotate and curve.
The center of a slide is ____ on the vertical and horizontal guides.
To help you align objects, PowerPoint provides ___ rulers.
The_____ button on the WordArt toolbar creates a WordArt object.
Insert WordArt
When you want to prohibit the rulers from displaying in the PowerPoint window, you ____ the rulers.
An alternative to hiding a slide in slide sorter view is to hide a slide in _____ view
normal, slide or outline
To hide the rulers, right-click anywhere in the PowerPoint window except on a placeholder, and the click
When you position the mouse to the left of a bulleted paragraph in outline view, the mouse pointer becomes a _____
four-headed arrow
You can use outline view to ______
rearrange points w/in a slide move entire slides from one position to another, and edit titles and text w/in a slide
PowerPoint Supplies a variety of backgrounds with various
textures, patterns, and gradient styles
A ___ displays under the guide position to indicate that the vertical guide is either left or right of center.
To display an additional guide, press and hold the ___ key and then drag on of the guides; when the new guide displays, drag it to the position where you want to place an object.
When the zoom percentage is greater than or equal to 37 percent, tich marks display in ____ segmants.