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Defines containers, positioning, and formatting for all of the content that appears on a slide.

Normal View

The default PowerPoint view containing two panes that provide maximum flexibility in working with the presentation


A container that holds content


The movement applied to an object or objects on a slide


The most basic element of PowerPoint, analogous to a page in a word document


A note drawing added to a slide during a presentation

Status bar

Located at the bottom of the screen, this contains the slide number, a spell check button, a options that control the view of your presentation

Reading view

Used to view a slide show full screen, once slide at a time

PowerPoint presentation

A presentations saved with a pptx extension

Slide show

A method to deliver your message in a variety of ways using multiple slides

Note Page View

Used if the speaker needs to enter and edit large amounts of text for reference in the presentation

PowerPoint show

Uses a .ppsx extension

Presenter View

A specialty view that delivers a presentation on two monitors simultaneously


A variation of the them you have chose, using different color palettes and font families

Slide show view

Used to deliver a completed presentation full screen to an audience, one slide at a time


A slide miniature


A specific animation that is applied when a previous slide is replaced by a new slide

Slide sorter view

Displays thumbnails of your presentation slides allowing you to view multiple slides simultaneously

Story Board

A visual design that helps you plan the direction of your presentation


A collection of formatting choices that includes colors, fonts, and special effects


A file that incorporates a theme, a layout and content that can be modified


A method of organizing text in a hierarchy to depict relationships


Indicates levels of importance in a structure

Outline view

Shows the presentation in an outline format displays in levels according to the points and any sub points on each slide

Collapsed outline

Displays only the slide number, icon, title, and content of each slide in outline view

Expanded outline

Displays the slide number, icon title and content of each slide in outline view

Rich text format

A file format that retains structure and most text formatting when transferring documents between applications or platforms

Colors gallery

Provides a set of colors for every available theme

Fonts Gallery

Contains font sets for the content

Effects gallery

Includes a range of effects for shapes used in the presentation

Background styles gallery

Provides both solid color and background styles for application to a theme

slide master

The top slide in a hierarchy of slides based on the master


Controls the layouts, background designs and color combinations for handouts, notes, pages, and slides, giving the presentation a consistent appearance

Picture fill

Inserts as image from a file into a shape

Gradient fill

A blend of two or more colors or shades

Selection net

A marquee that selects all objects in an area you define by dragging the mouse

Adjustment handle

A yellow square that enables you to modify a shape

Lock drawing mode

Enables the creation of multiple shapes of the same type

Flow Chart

An illustration showing the sequence of a project or plan


A visual representation of data or knowledge


A line shape that is attached to and moves with other shapes

Smart art

Diagram that presents information visually to effectively communicate a message

Aspect ratio

Refers to keeping an object proportion the same with respect to width and height


Combines two or more objects


Point where a curve ends or the point where two line segments meet in a freeform shape


To divide or evenly spread shapes over a given area

Texture fill

Inserts a texture such as marble into a shape

Freeform Shape

A shape that combines both curved and straight lines


A shape that includes a text box you can use to add notes

Stacking order

The order or objects based on geometric formulas

Vector graphic

An object oriented graphic cased on geometric formulas


A straight horizontal or vertical line used to align objects

Line weight

The width or thickness of a line

Bitmap image

An image created by bits or pies placed on a grid to form a picture


Spoken commentary that is added to a presentation


Process of changing picture colors to a new temperature


Temperature of a color


The intensity of a color


Enhances the edges of the content in a picture to make the boundaries more prominent


Legal protection afforded to a written or artistic work


To store an object from an external source within a presentation


The difference between the darkest and lightest areas of a picture


The process of eliminating any unwanted portions of an image

Public domain

The right to a literary work or property owned by the public at large


Method applied to data to reduce the amount for space required for file storage


The portion of the picture that is kept, which is also the main subject of the picture


Multiple forms of media used to entertain or inform an audience

Photo album

Presentation containing multiple pictures organized into album pages


The portion of a picture that is removed because it is not desired in the picture


A connection from the presentation to another such as a storage device or web site

Poster frame

The frame that displays on a slide when a video is not playing


Blurs the edges of the content in a picture to make the boundaries less prominent


The lightness or darkness of a picture