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Slide 2
The Introduction
As you know, the new poet I. Gotbeats is about to replace the revered poet Billy Collins in the Poetry Hall of Fame. Admission into the Poetry Hall of Fame is an honor, I. Gotbeats is not worthy of it. Billy Collins should keep his place in the Poetry Hall of Fame. He is the New York Public Library’s 'Literary Lion' and the Poet of the Year. He was even called “the most popular poet in America” in the New York Times. While Gotbeats’ poetry is slow-paced, serious, and often uses complicated vocabulary, Collins’ poems are funny, easy-to-relate to, and use concise and simple vocabulary.
For these reasons, you will come to see that Collins should remain in the Poetry Hall of Fame.
Slide 3
The Biography
He was born in New York City on March 22, 1941, to William and Katherine Collins
Katherine Collins was a nurse, and she could recite poetry on almost anything.
She cultivated a love of literature in Billy.
He received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the College of the Holy Cross and a Master of Arts and a Ph. D in English from the University of California, Riverside.
Slide 4
He uses humor to keep his reader’s attention, and he even earned the Mark Twain Award for Humor in Poetry in 2005. A funny poem is “The History Teacher”. It discusses a history teacher who wants to protect the children’s innocence, so he changes history to make it seem perfect. Later, the children go on the playground and bully other kids while the teacher enjoys a peaceful, care-free evening. The irony is the teacher is more innocent than the children, while the children have the experience of an adult. Gotbeats’ funniest poem is “Here on the Balcony”. It describes sad memories and death in a serious tone. It is about as funny as a funeral, and, as a result, it does not attract the reader as much.
Slide 5
His poems are simple
If ever there were a spring day so perfect, so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze.”
His poetry can be understood by anyone because he writes mainly on the literary level
Gotbeats’ poetry uses complex vocabulary and is hard to understand.
Example is “On His Blindness”.
words like “milde yoak” and “therewith”.
Younger readers will struggle with the text.
Because of this, they may think all poetry is this hard and hate poetry in general.
Slide 6
Easy-to-Relate to
He writes about things that happen in everyday life
“I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakey's Version Of ‘Three Blind Mice’”, he wonders how exactly the three blind mice became blind in the first place
Gotbeat’s poetry focuses on vague and uninteresting topics
He is very self-centered as you can see from this poem.
Slide 7
That’s some of his awards.
In contrast, I. Gotbeats doesn’t have one award.
Collins is clearly a great poet. He more than deserves to be in the Poetry Hall of Fame.
Slide 8
He has written many poems and compiled many books of poetry.
His first collection was “Pokerface”.
Questions about Angels” won the National Poetry Series publication prize in 1991.
In 1995, “The Art of Drowning” won the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize.
John Taylor says that his style and creativity “helps us feel the mystery of being alive.”
His works often sell out.
Slide 9
The Conclusion
In conclusion, Billy Collins should not be replaced by I. Gotbeats.
Instead, he should be permanently inducted into the Poetry Hall of Fame to prevent this from ever happening.
By allowing him to remain in the Hall of Fame, generations will be able to enjoy his works for years to come.
If he is removed from the Poetry Hall of Fame, those generations may never experience the literary wonder of his poems.
We must act by ensuring the place of Billy Collins in the Hall of Fame.
Billy Collins himself says, “It's a good thing to get poetry off the shelves and more into public life.”
Slide 10
The Decision
Now it is your turn to decide whether Billy Collins should remain in the Poetry Hall of Fame.
The future of poetry lies on your decision.
If Billy Collins remains in the Poetry Hall of Fame, everyone will be able to enjoy his works.
However, if I. Gotbeats is chosen, the history of poetry will always have an ugly stain on it.