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What are the processes in integration management?
Develop project charter, proj mgmt. plan
Direct & manage project work
Monitor & control project work
Perform integrated change control
Close project or phase
What are inputs to develop the project charter?
1. Project statement of work
2. Business Case
3. Agreements
4. EEF
5. OPA
What are tools & techniques to develop a project charter?
1. Expert judgment
2. Facilitation techniques
What is the out of the develop project charter process?
Project charter
Who should author the project charter?
sponsoring entity
What does the charter give the PM?
authority to plan and execute the project
Project are initiated by an entity ________________ such as __________________.
external entity
sponsor, program, or PMO staff, or portfolio governing body
What items does the project statement of work reference?
business need
product scope description - characteristics of the product, service, or result
strategic plan - alignment to strategic plan
What is the purpose of the business case in the chartering process?
to determine whether or not the project is worth the required investment.
What does the agreement in the charter input compromise of?
define initial intentions of the project
contracts, MOUs, SLA, letter of agreements, letters of intents, verbal agreements
What EEF's can provide input to the project chartering process?
Governmental standards
Org culture and structure
Marketplace conditions
What OPAs can provide input to the chartering process?
Stand processes, policies, process definitions
Historical info - lessons learned, etc.
What are some facilitation techniques that can be used to develop the project charter?
conflict resolution
problem solving
meeting management
What sections are in a project charter?
Project purpose
Measurable project objectives and related success criteria
High-level requirements
Assumptions and constraints
High-level project desc and boundaries
High-level risks
Summary milestone schedule
Summary budget
Stakeholder list
Project approval requirements
Assigned PM, resp and authority level
Name & authority of sponsor
What are inputs into the project management plan?
1. Project charter
2. Outputs from other processes
3. EEF
4. OPA
What tools/techniques are used in development of the project management plan?
1. expert judgment
2. facilitation techniques
What are "outputs from other processes" going into the development of the project management plan?
Communications management plan
Cost management plan
HR plan
Procurement plan
Process improvement plan
Stakeholder management plan
Cost baseline
Schedule baseline
Scope baseline
Quality management plan
What does the project management plan define?
How the project is executed, monitored & controlled, and closed.
Does a project management plan change? How?
Yes, as a plan is progressively elaborated by updates. Changes are taken through the Integrated Change Control process.
What is the minimum requirement for a project charter?
Define the boundaries of the project
What EEFs influence the project management plan development?
Governmental or industry standards
PMBOK for vertical market/focus area
What OPA's can influence the project management plan development?
Standardized guidelines
Project management plan template
Change control procedures
Project files from previous projects
Historical info/lessons learned
Config mgmt
What is expert judgment used for in developing the project management plan?
Tailor the process to meet the project needs
Develop tech and management details
Determine resources/skill levels needed
Define level of config mgmt. to apply
Determine which docs will be subject to change control
Prioritize the work on the project
Which doc integrates and consolidates all plans and baselines from the planning processes?
project management plan
Which project baselines are included in the project management plan?
Scope baseline, Schedule baseline, Cost baseline
Which subsidiary plans are included in the project management plan?
Plans - Scope management, Requirements management, Schedule management, cost management, quality management, process improvement, HR management, Comm management, Risk mgmt. plan, Procurement mgmt, Procurement mgmt, Stakeholder mgmt
Other than subsidiary plans what else is included in the project management plan?
Life cycle selected
Processes that will be applied
Details of tailoring decisions
Description of how work will be executed
Change management plan
Config mgmt
Description of how integrity of baselines will be maintained
Which process group tracks, reviews, and reports the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan. pp. 86
Monitor & Control Project Work
What are inputs to the Monitor & Control Project Work?
1. Project management plan
2. Schedule forecasts
3. Cost forecasts
4. Validated changes
5. Work performance information
6. EEF
7. OPA
What are tools & techniques in the monitor & control project work?
1. Expert judgment
2. Analytical techniques
3. Project management information system
4. Meetings
What are outputs of the monitor & control project work?
1. Change requests
2. Work perf reports
3. Project management plan updates
4. Project docs updated
Which process group is performed throughout the project?
Monitoring & Control Project Work
What is the benefit of continuous monitoring?
provides insight into the health of the project and identifies areas of special attention.
Which area compares actual project performance against proj management plan?
Monitor & Control Project Work
What is ETC?
Estimate to complete
What is CV, CPI, and EAC? pp. 89
CV = Cost variance
CPI = Cost performance index
EAC = Estimate at completion
What analytical techniques are used to forecast potential outcomes based on possible variations of project or environmental variables and other variables?
regression analysis
grouping methods
causal analysis
root cause analysis
forecasting methods
failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
fault tree analysis (FTA)
reserve analysis
trend analysis
earned value management
variance analysis
What is FMEA and FTA?
Failure mode and effect analysis, Fault tree analysis
* analysis tools for monitoring & control
Which process group reduces project risk which arises from changes made without consideration?
Perform Integrated Change Control
What are the inputs to Perform Integrated Change Control?
1. Project management plan
2. Work performance reports
3. Change requests
4. EEF
5. OPAs
What are tools & techniques for Perform Integrated Change Control?
1. Expert judgment
2. Meetings
3. Change control tools
What are outputs from the Perform Integrated Change Control?
1. Approved change requests
2. Change log
3. Project management plan updates
4. Project docs updates
Who is ultimately responsible to perform integrated change control?
the project manager
Who can request changes? How can these changes be requested?
any stakeholder involved with the project. verbally or written but should always be in written eventually.
Who is responsible for approving or rejecting the change request?
responsible individual -> sponsor or PM
What is the diff between configuration control and change control?
configuration control is focused on specification of both the deliverables and the processes. Change control is focused on identifying, documenting, and approving or rejecting changes to the project docs, deliverables, or baselines.
Where are configuration management activities done?
Within "Perform Integrated Change Control"
What are the configuration management activities within Perform Integrated Change Control?
1. Configuration identification
2. Configuration status accounting
3. Configuration verification and audit
What is configuration identification?
Identification an selection of a configuration item to provide the basis for which the product configuration is defined and verified, products and documents are labeled, changes are managed, and accountability is maintained.
What is configuration status accounting?
Information is recorded and reported as to when appropriate data about the configuration item should be provided. This information includes a listing of approved config identification, status of proposed changes, and the impl status of approved changes.
What is configuration verification and audit?
Ensures the composition of a project's configuration items is correct and that changes are registered, assess, and correctly implemented. Ensures that functional requirements defined in the config docs have been met.
Where can expert judgment and expertise come from for the Change Control Board (CCB)?
Professional/technical associations
Industry groups
What is the responsibility of the CCB?
Meet and review the change requests to approve/reject or disposition
review configuration management activities
Where is the CCB roles & responsibility and members and processes defined?
Change management plan
What are inputs to the Close Project or Phase?
1. Project management plan
2. Accepted deliverables
3. OPAs
What are tools & techniques within the close project or phase?
1. Expert judgment
2. Analytical techniques
3. Meetings
What are outputs from the close project or phase?
1. Final product, service, or result transition
2. OPA updates
What does the PM do when closing the project or phase?
1. Review all prior info from prev closures
2. Ensures project work is completed
3. Ensures project has met all objectives
4. Review scope baseline in proj mgmt. plan to ensure completion
5. If terminated early establishes procedures to investigate and document the reasons
Where do actions and activities occur which are needed to transfer the project's products, services, or results to the next phase, or production, and/or operations?
Close Project or Phase
What are analytical techniques used in close project or phase?
1. Regression analysis
2. Trend analysis
What OPAs are updated after project close?
1. Project files
2. Project or phase closure docs
3. Historical information/lessons learned KB