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Special for Monday's

Food: All you can eat wings $19.00

Drink: $5.00 34oz mother plucker mug of Bud light

Tuesday Special

Food: Kids eat free- 2 kids meal per adult entree, does not include beverage

Drink: $1.00 off all pints, bottles, cans, and Pluckers cocktails w/Texas made products

Event: Texas Tuesday

Wednesday Specials

Drinks: Specially prices M.P.M ($5.75 34oz Miller Light, $1.00 off all other M.P.M)

Event: trivia

Thursday Special

Food: All you can eat boneless wings- $17.00

Drinks: $7.50 34oz M.P.M dos xx, $1.00 off patron marg, straw marg, and Pluckers LIT

Event: Wingo

Friday Special

Event: Teachers freebie Friday

3:00-7:00 (app sampler included up to $8.00)

Saturday Special


Sunday Special

Drinks: $1.00 off plucker cocktails

List Local Draft Beers

512 IPA

Austin Amber

KCCO White Wheat

Fireman's 4

All Regional Draft Beers


All Craft Draft Beers

Angry Orchard

Blue Moon

Sam Adams Octoberfest

All Import Draft Beers

Dos xx

All Domestic Draft Beers

Bud light

Miller light

Coors light

Local bottles/cans

Austin Eastcider

Regional bottles/cans

Lone Star

Lost Gold IPA

Shiner Seasonal

Craft bottle/can

Alaskan Amber

Harpoon UFO

Omission Larger

Import bottles/cans


Dos xx




Domestic bottle/can

Bud light


Miller light

Colors light

Michelob ultra

What days do we offer happy hour and the time it's offered?

Monday-Friday 3:00 p.m-6:00p.m

List all happy hour specials

$1.00 off 34oz M.P.M

$1.00 off Plucker Cocktails

List store everyday specials and prices

1.) Bacardi-$4.00

2.) Crown royal-$4.00

3.) Dewar's-$4.00

4.) Fireball-$4.00

5.) Jack Daniels-$4.00

6.) jäger-$5.00

7.) patron-$5.00

8.) sapphire-$4.00

9.) titos-$4.00

List all Pluckers cocktails

1.)Avión patron margarita (R) 2.) Batman (T)Pluckers lemonade

3.) Cîroc n roll

4.) Fiery Mule (T)

5.) Jack Daniel's honey lemonade

6.) Liquid tailgate Bloody Mary

7.) Patron margarita (R)

8.) Pluckers LIT (T) (R)

9.) Pluckers lemonade

10.) Psychedelic frog

11.) Toxic tea

List Beer Cocktails

1.) Pluckers Michelada (T)

2.) Summer Moon (T)

3.) Angry Moon Cider

Lost the Lunch specials and the times they are available

1.) 10 wing combo

2.) boneless basket

3.) boring burger

4.) Larry bird

5.) buffalo chicken salad

6.) grilled chicken salad

7.) naked boneless basket

Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m-2:30p.m dine in only

List 6 of 10 benefits of joining the Pluckers club

1.) free app with enrollment excluding app sampler and pluckers nachos

2.) earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent

3.) free meal on week of members birthday

4.) free meal on members significant others birthday

5.) free meal on members child birthday

6.) rotating food and drink specials

7.) exclusive invited to pluckers sore opening and special events

8.) last minute deals via SMS text message

9.) subscription to pluckers e-newsletter

10.) annual and lifetime reward benefits

List the benefits to joining the pluckers club lite

1.) earn 1 point for ever $4.00 spent

2.) free dessert on members birthday day

3.) free desert on members significant others birthday

4.) free meal on member's child birthday