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How is Hume an empiricist?

He believes everything starts as a blank state.

Relations of Ideas vs Matters of Fact

Relations of Ideas (Certain Knowledge)

  1. Necessarily True; negation is logical impossible
  2. Mental events
  3. Can be proven/demonstrated
  4. Are independent of experience
  5. Mathematics/Logic

Matters of Fact (Beliefs, Mitigated Skeptic)

  1. Contingently true: negation is a possibility
  2. Dependent of experience
  3. Cannot be proven or disproven

"Habitual Conjunction of Events" Sentimental Response

Sentimental Response: The idea of right & wrong depends on sentimental response.

Define mitigated skepticism
Mitigated Skepticism: some degree of true knowledge is possiblebut many of our beliefs lack sufficient justification to count as knowledge.