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Form W-4

An IRS form indicating how much should be withheld from an employee's earnings to pay federal income taxes.

Tax Allowances

Amounts calculated on the Form W-4 that reduce the federal tax withheld from a person's paycheck.


Another word for tax allowances.

Exempt Status

A release from paying taxes because of insufficient income.

Company Policy Handbook

A booklet outlining a company's rules, policies, and procedures.

Gross Pay

The total amount of wages or salary earned before any deductions are subtracted.


Hours worked in addiction to the legal limit of forty hours per week.


Amounts subtracted from gross pay, such as Social Security tax, federal and state income tax withholding, health insurance, retirement, and so forth. It also refers to expenses that are subtracted from income on a tax return.

Net Pay

The amount received after all deductions have been subtracted from a paycheck, also called take-home pay.


A work schedule with flexible hours.

Job Sharing

A situation in which two or more employees share the same job.


Working outside the office, usually from home, using a computer.


Short form wireless fidelity, a high-speed internet connection.


A more experienced person who offers advice and support to guide someone's career decisions.

In-Service Training

Employee classes for developing skills, providing information, and improving working relationships among employees, also called professional development seminars.

Community College

A two-year college that offers an associate's degree, also called a Junior College, or a City College.

Trade School

An institution of higher learning that teaches the skilled trades.

Apprenticeship Program

An education that combines on-the-job training with formal classroom instruction.

Learning Networks

Online discussions in which participants share skills and knowledge.


The skills related to organizing, managing, and taking on the risks of owning a business.


A legal contract allowing an individual or group to operate a business in the name of a recognized company.


The recognized company under which a franchise operates.


The person who operates a franchise.

Articles of Incorporation

The primary rules governing the management of a corporation.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A relatively new type of corporate arrangement whose owners have limited personal liability for the debts and actions of the company, and with other features more like a partnership.