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These lines describe how Satan gets to Earth

Throughout Books 1-8 Satan tries to access Adam and Eve

7 Nights "rode in darkness"

God took 7 days to create the world

8th Day: Satan finds a way to destroy

Milton parodies the story of creation.

"The sun was sunk"

Milton's use of assonance descends us

Through the use of "fled" we understand Satan to being ruled out by God.

The repetition of it makes it emotive in that Satan is constantly rejected.

Satan appears in darkness and conceals himself in mist

Darkness: Evil, cunning: Also, fear of the day and thus fear of God
Mists: He hides in paleness - innocence. The angels are blinded by perceived innocence. Milton's criticism?


Satan has been looking everywhere for a way in.

"rode with darkness"

Either that Milton personifies "darkness" as an accomplice to Satan. Or, Milton writes that Satan rides with darkness within him as if to say that Satan's energy is darkness and thus evil.

"unsuspected way" - Transferred epithet: an adjective qualifies the noun

The noun 'way' becomes 'unsuspected' like Satan. The 'way' takes on the qualities of Satan as if it is complicit in Satan's menacing.

Satan chooses the serpent because of its "wit and native subtlety"

Satan himself is of wit

Satan defies the Chain of Being by taking a place lower than a human and against the serpent's will placing the serpent to the level of a human. This is not what God wants.

He takes the serpent from its rightful place

Satan is angry that he has had to become a serpent: "burning passions"

He does not remember that it his fault. If he had obeyed God he would not be in this position.