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"sacred influence" is reachable to us all should we reach out and take it.

Sacred Influence


Satan has this in him

"He for God only, she for God in him"

They are counterparts but are not equal, Adam is superior.

Tree of Life = Okay

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil = Bad

Adam and Eve's job was to tame nature, to bring order to nature

Taming nature


Dionyssian, rampant, wanton, lawless, unrestrained


Apollonian, moral, restrained, structured, civilising

Eden Lines 192-204


Words linking to Heaven and God

sacred light, incense, silent praise, grateful smell, vocal worship, sweetest scents and curs

Adam and Eve's role in the Garden of Eden sets them above nature (animals, plants, etc.)


Ascent: "as sacred light began to dawn"

God's light dawning close to Adam and Eve

"for much their work outgrew / The hands' dispatch"

Disequilibrium as a result of a problem

Todorov's Narrative Theory

Melissa Bell: "We are already flawed. It was upon realising that we are flawed that descent begins."


Milton: "Marriage should be two individuals complimenting each other and making each other better people."


Felix Culpa - Happy fall

"O happy fault that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer."

“For God judged it better to bring good out of evil than not to permit any evil to exist.”

The Fish Trap - Stanley Fish

e.g. Wanton

We are postlapsarian. Milton traps us, we read it differently.

Eve is underwhelmed in the Garden of Eden

"Our day's work brought so little"

Eve is subservient to Adam because Adam is closer to God than her

"Adam, well may we labour..."

Language Traps

"Our pleasant task enjoined" sexual

"One night or two with wanton growth derides" sexual

"With myrtle find what to redress till noon"

244/245: "In woman than to study household good"

Adam fears the danger of working alone