Essay On Satan As The True Hero In John Milton's Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost by John Milton makes God appear unjust from Satan’s viewpoint. Satan’s grand speeches in books I & II give the reader a sense that Milton is attempting to make Satan the hero. However, Milton later reveals Satan’s exaggerative and untruthful ways indicating he is actually the enemy. Thus, through the character development of Satan and the manner of a true Promethean / Romantic hero, Adam is the true hero of Paradise Lost. Since the reader doesn’t know of Satan’s deceptive ways in the beginning, he is the first hero of paradise lost. Milton depicts Satan as a martyr, rising from the literal ashes of hell and leading the grand council of the fallen angels. Furthermore, when Milton states, “The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n” (Book I, 254-255), Satan comes to the realization that he …show more content…
The tale of Adam and Eve could not be further from modern politics, yet Milton linked the two together to create an epic not only about religion, but also as a metaphor for his current political situation. In retrospect, Paradise Lost is a revolutionary tale with its references to a powerful leader in Satan who cannot understand goodness, just as Charles I could not understand the benefits of a democratic system.
During Satan’s soliloquy in Paradise Lost, Satan looks down at Eden in all of its grandeur and is pained by the thought of the glory he once had. Thus, his character develops by him reflection on how glorious and good he once was, and his realization that he could never return to that. Satan realized he has a choice to make, and his choice reveals his character. At this point, Satan morphs from the hero of John Milton’s epic into the enemy. The reader can see his change when Milton reveals Satan’s regret for leaving God’s side, and Satan’s newfound acceptance of evil as his new

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