Epic Hero In Paradise Lost

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Can the devil be an epic hero? In John Milton's Paradise Lost- the great epic from the English Renaissance, this topic was discussed time and again. Numbers of scholars believe that Paradise lost should be one of the most outstanding products of the Renaissance, especially when talking about the question can the devil be an epic hero?
Satan's speech allows us to view him as a heroic character, one who will not accept defeat. Milton's presentation of Satan is intriguing and it can be argued that he is the tragic hero of the book. We are able to feel sympathy towards Satan because of his flaws, Satan is flawed because he is proud, greedy and envious all of which are flaws that we as humans undergo in our everyday life. At this point in the book
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Milton, introduce Satan by condemning him as the reason leader to the fall of man, "Who first seduced them to that foul revolt? /the' infernal Serpent..." (Lines 33-34). in this sentence it implied that Satan had begun to be set up as the final rebel, not just of the epic, but of humanity. Milton easily represented Satan's pride that led to his ultimate failure. He tried to overthrow God; while unluckily he was cast into the Hell, but Milton also told us, "...for now the thought/both of lost happiness and lasting pain/Torments him..."(Lines 55-56). At once, the author tried to make Satan to be a pitied, more human and less evil role. He also described Satan's physical character to be "in bulk as huge/as whom the fables name of monstrous size, / Titanian..."(Lines 196-198), and then "Deeming some island," (Line 205), which means that Satan has a vast figure and even a sailor would make a mistake. He may think that Satan is an island on which he can moor his boat. Satan's size growing extreme larger comparing with the others supports Satan as the hero. Satan is so physically impressive that Milton can't find anyone who can match him. Hence he is distinctive from the other angels and men. The story itself shows that the fall from heaven of Satan and the other angels who betrayed against

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