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In "Branch Wars," Karen becomes the manager of what branch?

A) Stamford

B) Stratford

C) Utica

D) Scranton

When Micheal hires Holly as the new HR worker, Dwight does what to her car?

A) Puts a bat in her car

B) Locks Holly in her car

C) Lets the air out of her tires

D) Puts a raccoon in her car

What office item did Jim put in jello that belongs to Dwight?

A) Stapler

B) Calculator

C) Office I.D.

D) Paper Weight

Who does Jim confide in about his true feelings for Pam?

A) Oscar

B) Dwight

C) Creed

D) Micheal

Who is the office drunk?

A) Creed

B) Meredith

C) Marry Beth

D) Angela

Phyllis husbands name is?

A) Ron Vance

B) Bobby Drake

C) Bob Stance

D) Bob Vance

What actor plays the character of Jim?

A) Ed Helms

B) John Krasinski

C) B.J. Novak

D) James Coreski

In the episode "Money," Micheal takes a second job, is it -

A) Janitor

B) Telemarketer

C) Bartender

D) Motivational Speaker

What video game does the Stamford branch play that Jim is hopelessly bad at?

A) World of Warcraft

B) Rainbow Six

C) Call of Duty

D) League of Legends

Who receives the final gold medal in "Office Olympics" ?

A) Roy

B) Micheal

C) Dwight

D) Phyllis

Pam goes to school to learn?

A) Journalism

B) Architecture

C) Child Psychology

D) Graphic Design

In "Safety Training," the hidden trampoline was replaced by a what?

A) Bounce Castle

B) Garbage Truck

C) A Bunch of Mattresses

D) An Inflatable Child's Pool

What does Pam find in Michael’s desk that the entire office starts reading?

A) His Idea for a Cereal Shack

B) His Memoirs

C) A Management Booklet

D) A Screenplay

What is Dwight’s cousin name in the series?

A) Mose Schrute

B) Elijah Schrute

C) Job Schrute

D) Manheim Schrute

What is Stanley favorite day?

A) Fourth of July

B) Thanks Giving

C) Pretzel Day

D) Independence Day

What persona did Michael adopt in the episode "The Convict"?

A) Bad Mike

B) Gangsta Mike

C) Prison Mike

D) Convict Mike

What is Dwight's middle name?

A) Helmuth

B) Girt

C) Kurt

D) Jeb

What is the name of Stanley's mistress?

A) Cynthia

B) Andrea

C) Julia

D) Vicky

True or False: Roy is the warehouse supervisor?


In “Dwight’s Speech”, who is voted by Dunder-Mifflin as salesman of the year?

A) Micheal

B) Dwight

C) Jim

D) Tod Packer

Who does Pam first call after Jim kisses her?

A) Her Mom

B) Roy

C) Kelly

D) Her Aunt

Who does Michael meet at the skating rink?

A) Carol

B) Erica

C) Jan

D) Kim

Angela and Oscar get into a fight over one of her posters. What is on the poster?

A) Puppies

B) Kittens

C) An Inspirational Saying

D) Babies Playing Instruments

According to Dwight, when attacking someone's face you should go for the eyes because the eyes are:

A) Susceptible to Infection

B) the Groin of the head

C) Rewarding to gouge

D) are the Ugliest Part of the Face

Why does Jim leave Scranton?


"Oh, he is gonna to kill himself......"

(fill in the blank)

A) Trying to kill himself

B) Dwight stop him

C) Micheal get down here NOW!

D) Pretending to kill himself

With the threat of downsizing rumors, Michael tries to boost moral by throwing a birthday party for who?

A) Kelly

B) Himself

C) Pam

D) Meredith

What name did Michael sign on the Diversity Day pledge?

A) Mickey Mouse

B) Daffy Duck

C) Saddam Hussein

D) Micheal Jordan

Which Dundie Award did Pam win?

A) Whitest Sneakers Award

B) Hottest in the Office Award

C) I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it Award

D) Busiest Beaver Award

In "Grief Counseling", Michael learns that his old boss died. How did he die?

A) Accidentally Ran Through A Plate Glass Window

B) Heart Attack During Love Making

C) Drunk Driving Car Accident

D) From a Bee Sting