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The _______ is/are responsible for keeping all installation documents related to their installations.

System Owner

Inspections, testing, or maintenance shall be permitted to be done by a person or organization other then the owner if___________.

Conducted under a written contract.

Who is responsible for the inspection, testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system?

The Owner

When are visual alarm notification devices required to be tested?

During the acceptance test and annually thereafter.

While performing regularly scheduled testing of a fire alarm system, you discover that it is impaired. Who does NFPA 72 require you to notify?

The system owner of their designated representative.

Which of the following best describes how often a spot type smoke detector should be tested for sensitivity using a calibrated test method.

After one year and every alternate year thereafter.

What is the required test frequency for a pressure-type water flow initiating device?


During an annual test of a fire alarm system, you simulate a detectors operation. On the inspection record you must now________.

Indicate which device (Location and Type) was simulated.

How often must household fire alarm system smoke detectors be tested by a qualified alarm tech?

Never the home owner can do this.

While testing a fire alarm system you remove a two-wire smoke detector from its plug-in base on a Class B type circuit. What alarm capability would you expect from the other detectors on that circuit?

Activated detectors between the control unit and that detector base should alarm.

If a defect or malfunction is not corrected at the conclusion of system inspection, testing, or maintenance, the responsible party shall be informed of the impairment _______.

In writing, within 24 hours

When testing a water level supervisory switch serving a pressurized water storage tank, a signal must be indicated whenever the water_______ from the normal level.

rises or falls 3 inches

NFPA 72 requires that the fire alarm contractor complete all portions of the record of completion_________.

for the portion of the system for which they had responsibility.

Where must the record of completion be kept?

In a document Cabinet.

What is the required testing frequency of a radiant energy type fire detector?


All fire alarm service personnel shall be qualified and ___________.


Installation personnel shall be qualified or shall be supervised by persons who are qualified in the installation inspection and testing of fire alarm systems. Qualified personnel shall include, but not be limited to, three of the following groups: ______________

Personnel who are certified by a nationally recognized fire alarm certification organization acceptable to the AHJ.

Personnel who are registered, licensed, or certified by a state of local AHJ.

Personnel who are factory trained and certified for specific equipment.

What is the required test method for nonrestorable heat detectors?

Electrically test and mechanically activate.

How long does NFPA 72 state out-of-service (impairment) records are to be kept?

For one year after the repair was completed.

For restorable fixed-temperature, spot-type heat detectors, different detectors shall be tested each year, with records kept by _________, specifying which detectors have been tested.

the building owner

What is the minimum number of restorable fixed-temperature spot-type heat detectors that must be tested during each annual test?

Two detectors or more on each initiating circuit.

According to NFPA 72, defects in fire alarm systems which are not able to be corrected during regular testing and maintenance, shall be cause to notify the__________.

Owner or owners representative.

After the final acceptance test, how is the owner given the software programing for his system?

On a CD-R

When maintaining equipment, it is important to identify deteriorating conditions. NFPA 72 states that the IDC and NAC resistance should be mesured__________.

With the wires shorted at the far end

A complete record of the tests and operations of each system is required to be kept until the next text, and then ____________.

1 year thereafter.

Smoke detectors shall not be installed in what ambient temperatures?

Below 32 degrees or above 100 degrees.

The operable part of each manual fire alarm box shall not be less than _________ and not more then ___________ above floor level?

not less than 3 1/2 ft.

not more than 4 ft.

How must a circuit disconnect be identified in a building protected with a combination fire alarm system employing an emergency voice alarm communication systems?

Fire alarm / ECS

Newly installed fire warning equipment for dwelling units (including self contained devices) shall produce the audible emergency signal described by ___________, whenever the intended response is the evacuate the building.

ANSI S3.41

What is the maximum allowable spacing for a hat detector which is listed for 50 foot spacing, when it is mounted on a smooth, flat, 23-foor high ceiling?

26 feet

What is the maximum allowable width of a hallway before it must be treated as a room/space for notification appliance spacing?

20 feet

What is the minimum and maximum number of attempts a DUCT must make when attempting a signal transmission sequence to a remote supervising station?

5 Minimum, 10 Maximum

Wall mounted visible notificartion appliances shall be installed so that the entire lens is not less then ________ nor greater then ________ above the finished floor.

80 inches

96 inches

One group of doors leaving an office building measures 40 feet in width. Where are manual fire alarm boxes required to be located at this group of doors?

One within 5 feet, on one side of the group of doors.

Smoke detectors may be installed during construction, but not operational, as long as they are protected from debris, dust, dirt, and similar contamination.

True - Just use the Orange dust covers they come packed with.

Manual fire alarm boxes shall be located within ________ of the exit doorway opening at each exit on each floor.

5 feet.

The temperature of the air surrounding a heat detector when its activated, is usually considerably higher then raited temperature of the detector. This condition is known as __________.

Thermal Lag

What is the minimum mounting height above the finished floor, to the top of a wall mounted mini-horn installed in a hotel sleeping room?

90 inches

When are appliances sounding the ANSI S3.41 standard audible evacuation signal required to be synchronized?

When the appliances are within the same notification zone.

What is the maximum distance a smoke detector installed for door release, can be located from the door(s) it is controlling.

5 feet

What must the mounting location be of a spot-type smoke detector when mounted on a sidewall?

Up to 12 inches below the ceiling.

A typical spot type heat detector that is listed for 50 foot spacing may be spaced how far apart, measuring at right angles to the solid joists, on a solid joist construction type of ceiling? The ceiling is 10 feet high and level.

25 feet.

An initiating device in which the sensing element is designed to be destroyed in the process of operation, is of what type?


When using a cellular transmission service as a DACT's secondary transmission channel how often must its verification (test) signal be transmitted to the remote supervising station?

Every 6 hours.

When installing smoke detectors on peaked ceilings, where must the first row of detectors be spaced?

Within 3 feet of the peak.

What is the maximum travel distance allowed, mesured horizontally on the same floor to the nearest manual fire alarm box?

200 feet

Monitored fire alarm systems employing automatic fire detectors or waterflow detection devices, must also provide?

A fire alarm pull station.

Audible notification appliances intended for operation in public mode shall have a sound level at least _____________ above the average ambient level or ___________ above the maximum sound level.

15 db above the average

5 db above the maximum

The time delay between the activation of an initiating device and the automatic activation of emergency control functions, shall not exceed __________.

10 seconds.

What is the maximum mounting height allowed for the ceiling mount visible notification appliances>

30 feet

NFPA 72 states that all fire alarms shall test free of ________. (with one obvious exception).


If circuits are protected in conduit, monitoring for integrity shall be required for the wiring run between control panel enclosures located _________.

within 20 ft. of each other.

375 ma (milliamps) can also be expressed as ___________.

.375 amps

What is the minimum voltage for power-limited fire alarm cables?

300 Volts

What is the maximum number of NO. 18 AWG conductors that can be enclosed in a 4" x 1 1/4" square metal junction box?


Are all supplemental circuits required to be monitored for integrity?


Monitoring for integrity is not required for the circuit of an alarm notification appliance installed __________ .

in the same room with the central control equipment.

When installing a 2-wire smoke detector with separate in and out terminals for the positive wire, what would be the results of installing both the incoming and outgoing positive wires under the same positive in terminal?

That detector may not be supervised but the circuit would still function.

There is a simple series circuit consisting of a 24 VDC power source and a single 480 Ohm resistor. Would the total current be for this circuit.

.050 amps

Which type of initiating device circuits will provide alarm receipt capability during a single open condition?

Both Class A and class X

What is the Maximum number of No. 14 conductors of type THHN that may be installed in 1/2" electrical tubing (EMT)?


An open ground or short-circuit fault on the installation conductors of one _________ is not permitted by NFPA 72 to affect the operation of_________.

alarm notification appliance circuit

any other alarm notification appliance circuit

A commercial office buildings power-limited fire alarm system requires a vertical cable run between 4 floors. What type of cable is required for this if the cable will not be installed in a metal raceway or fireproof shaft?


A factory Uses a motorized gate opener for access to there facility. The fire alarm panel uses an on-board relay to open the gate upon alarm, What operation or signal is required of this circuit should an open occur? (broken wire to gate opener)?

No trouble signal or gate operation would occur.

All styles of class A circuits using physical conductors shall be installed such that the outgoing and return conductors, exiting from and returning to the control unit, respectively, are ______________.

Routed separately.

What is the DC resistance of 500 feet of #18 coated, solid copper wire measured at 75 degrees C. (167 degrees F .)?

4.04 Ohms

True or False. Monitoring for integrity of a circuit is not required if a single open or ground fault causes an alarm signal.


On a single class B initiating Device Circuit, which devices on the circuit will remain operational during a single open trouble condition?

Devices located up to (before) the single open condition.

Transformers and other power sources for power-limited fire alarm circuits must be protected by an over-current device rated at not more that__________?

20 Amps

The occurance of a single open or a single ground fault condition in the installation conductors or other signaling channels and their restoration to normal shall be automatically indicated within how many seconds?

200 seconds

Which class of signalling Line circuit is required to provide operational capability during a single open, single ground, or wire to wire shirt abnormal condition as well as a combined open & Ground?

Class X

What are the colors and corresponding number codes of a resistor? and what are there multipliers?

Black, 0, Multiplier of 1

Brown, 1, Multiplier of 10

Red, 2, Multiplier of 100

Orange, 3, Multiplier of 1,000

Yellow, 4, Multiplier of 10,000

Green, 5, Multiplier of 100,000

Blue, 6, Multiplier of 1,000,000

Violet, 7, Grey 8, White 9

The circuit disconnect means (breaker) for a fire alarm system to the power source shall _____________.

have a red marking and be identified as "FIRE ALARM"

Unless in conduit, conductors of class 2 and class 3 circuits shall be separated by at least __________ from conductors of any electric light, power, class 1 or non power -limited fire alarm circuits.

2 inches

In a power limited fire alarm system the size of conductors in a multi colors cable shall not be smaller than __________AWG, single conductors shall not be smaller than _____________.

No. 26

No. 18

According to NFPA 72 how often are VISDs to be tested to verify that there are no obstructions in the detectors field of view?


True or False, According to NFPA Batteries used for commercial fire alarm systems control units must be replaced at a minimum every 5 years.

False, NFPA 2013 states that batteries are to be replaced per the recommendations of the control panel manufacturer.

The archiving of all required test inspection records _____________ shall be permitted if a written copy of these records can be provided promptly, when requested?

in any format you prefer

NFPA 72 requires smoke detectors, installed to provide smoke control using a FACP powered relay for controlling the associated HVAC fans and dampers, to be ______________.

tested by a qualified HVAC engineer

True or False, A sound level meter is to be used for annual testing of audible appliances.


The verification of proper operation of a UPS system dedicated to a fire alarm system and used as a required fire system power source shall be in accordance with:

NFPA 111

True or False: Test plans are suggested for use by the T&I personnel, but are not required?


A secondary power supply is required to be able to operate a fire alarm system for ______ hours under non alarm conditions and then ________ minutes thereafter. Or for _____ minutes in full alarm directly after power fails.

24 hours in non alarm and then 5 minutes there after.

Or for 15 minutes in full alarm after power fails.

True or False, When a DACT uses a phone line for a primary method, the second method must also use a phone line.


When testing a high/low air pressure switch, a ________ psi change shall cause the required signal.

10 psi

True or False, Restorable fixed-temp, spot-type heat detectors must have all devices tested on a system within 10 years?

False NFPA states that all devices must be tested within 5 years.

Each attempt of a DACT to send a test signal to the supervising station may take up to ________

90 seconds

Fire alarm system components shall be installed, tested , and maintained in accordance with ________

The manufactures published instructions and NFPA 72.

How frequently are rate-compensated heat detectors to be tested?


True or False, Correct operation of these devices is verified by fusing the link and operating the device to initiate the actuation.

False, NFPA 72 stated that testing is done by removal of the link and operating the device.

True or False, a smoke bomb or smoke "candle" can be used to test smoke detector sensitivity.

False, Sensitivity is only tested by manufacturers specifically calibrated test instruments, by a UL listed control unit arranged for the purpose, or by using a calibrated sensitivity test machine.

When a heat test is performed on a restorable line type heat detector, the detector must activate within_________.

the parameters set by the manufacturer

NFPA 72 chapter 14 includes which inspection and testing tables?

Visual Inspection Tables

Testing Table

True or False smoke detectors in a 1 and 2 family dwelling do not require a calibrated sensitivity test.


The owners of monitored fire alarm systems must provide to the local AHJ documents identifying _______________

whom is supposed to be doing the T&I of the fire alarm system.

True or False, When testing a releasing system the solenoid must remain connected for the duration of the fire system test.

False, Removal of the release control solenoid keeps the system from releasing when the detectors are tested.

Since different restorable fixed-temp, spot-type heat detectors must be tested each year, the records of which detectors have been tested must be kept___________.

By the building owner.

When testing a balanced circuit where metallic continuity is not present in connection with a McCulloh transmitter, which transmission channel fault condition does not have to be verified?

Open and Ground.

When testing metallic conductors for stray voltage, the maximum allowed stray voltage shall not exceed ________ volts.

1 volt unless stated otherwise by the manufacturers test instructions

True or False, When performing a re-acceptance test after changes to site specific software the system executive software must also be upgraded.


In addition to verifying receipt of a supervisory signal when a water temperature switch is being tested and exposed to water temperature of _________ degrees F or less, a __________ signal must also be verified.

40 degrees

restoral signal

A charger test of a lead-acid battery with a voltmeter shall confirm that the voltage per cell is __________ volts at ___________ degrees F.

2.3 volts at 77 degrees F

What type of training/ cert is intended to allow individuals to service a specific brand of fire alarm equipment for which they have been trained?


A record of any fire system Impairment shall be kept by the ___________ for a period of 1 year from the date that the impairment is__________.



A ____________ is defined as a visual evaluation of fire system components performed to verify or confirm that something appears as desired?


NFPA requires a _________ to be preformed to verify the functional operation of a new fire alarm system.

Acceptance test.

This type of heat detector in not allowed to have a heat test preformed.

Fixed temp, non restorable, line type

An inspectors test connection is used when properly testing a ___________.

Water flow alarm

True or False, A according to NFPA 72 a qualified fire alarm service tech needs to Understand & apply requirements to properly design a fire alarm system?


How often are engine driven generators tested?


Who should be informed first when a tech is planning to perform an inspection or testing of a commercial fire alarm system?

Building Owner

With each pair of metallic conductors on a NAC short-circuited at the far end, and the resistance measured, the result is a measurement of ___________

Loop resistance