Fire Alarm System Essay

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Security and Fire Alarm Systems
Security and fire alarm systems are often used to warn the building occupants of an impending danger, hence giving them the opportunity to vacate the house or stay safe. An alarm system monitors several security and fire triggers and then alerts the home owner and authorities whenever there is an issue. This not only increases the safety and peace of mind for the occupants, but also helps in protecting the property from fire damage or theft.
Home owners with alarm systems usually enjoy discounts of between 10 and 20 % on insurance covers. In fact, some insurance companies insist on a suitable fire alarm system before issuing a policy. The same may apply when insuring the property against burglary.
The two alarm
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When the fire, smoke or an intruder triggers the detector, its status changes, and this is recognized by the control panel which activates one, or a combination of actions.
Upon sensing this change, the control panel produces an audio or visual signal to alert the occupants and the relevant authorities such as firefighters and security agents.
All the components of the alarm system are connected to the control panel using the appropriate cables or secure wireless links. And there may be outgoing communication cables to the security or firefighting companies and sometimes to a central or remote control office where applicable.
The fire alarm equipment and in the particular the control panel, is usually installed in a protected, low fire-risk location and preferably where people can see the indicators from outside the building. The security alarm system’s main panel is often installed in an out of the way location, such as the bedroom closet or laundry room.
Powering the alarm system and associated
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However, there is need to ensure that the water pipe is grounded since some parts of the plumbing with plastic pipes are not effective for grounding purposes.
Types of security and fire alarm systems
The choice of an alarm system depends on the type of the building and desired level of protection or indications. The two commonly used types are the conventional and addressable systems, although the wireless sensors and alarms are also gaining popularity.
The conventional alarm uses several sensors connected in a loop to make a zone. It only indicates that a particular zone has a problem but not the specific location. In the conventional fire alarm system, all the components are wired to a common cable which then connects them to the control panel.
The addressable alarm systems use similar detectors as the conventional, but with programmable addresses that help in identifying the location that has a problem. Once the sensor is triggered, its address shows at the panel hence saving time and ensuring quick solution.
The conventional system comprises of only a small number of devices per loop and may use more cable compared to the addressable which can have as many as 99

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