Compare And Contrast Freudy And Paul Valentine's

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As I furiously flipped through the Contents section in Brett Lacey and Paul Valentine’s Fire Prevention Applications, pages vacillated hither and thither… hither and yon. Yearning for a topic to leap out and command my attention, I began to grow more and more disquieted. I’ll be candid. My understanding of the subjects at hand was shallow at best, and nearly nonexistent concerning most. Knowing that I at one point commanded a deep and nuanced understanding of Chapter 3: Codes and Standards, coupled with the concomitant power intrinsic to such brilliance does little to aid and abet me in my deliberations on which topic to subjugate next. Knowing that I used to possess wisdom that is no longer within my grasp was, to put it mildly, biting. I continued to blithely flip pages whose words no longer made sense as I pondered which chapter to choose, which bullet to bite really. I thought about which issues I considered to be most intriguing. Sadly, this did nothing to help. Regretting my decision to procrasturbate, a term I’d like to think Sigmund Freud would have coined to describe chronic procrastination, simply because the overwhelming majority of his psychoanalytical theories, besides defaming Oedipus Rex, relegate all motivations in human behavior as ulteriorly sexual. …show more content…
In an ideal world, a properly informed public would curtail the number of fires that occur as well as the loss of life due to people not being equipped with the necessary knowledge to survive a fire or emergency situation. Lacey and Valentine stress the importance of education, “Fire and life safety education is by far one of the most effective methods to prevent injuries from fire or other types of emergencies. We can effectively address the human factor by focusing on behavior modification… motivate the public to act in a fire-safe manner” (Lacey & Valentine

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