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What sized networks is a cisco 2960 suitable for?

Small to medium sized networks.

What is the post test?

Power-On Self-Test, performed when a switch is turned on. It runs a series of test to determine if the switch is functioning correctly.

What is out of band management?

A method of connection requiring a computer to be directly connected to the console port of the network device that is being configured.

What is in band management?

Using a network connection to monitor and configure a network device

What are two files that are loaded into RAM when it is booted.

IOS Image file

Startup configuration file

What 5 components do all routers have?

Operating Systems,

Central Processing Units,

Random Access Memory,

Read Only Memory,

NonVolatile Random Access Memory

What connections do all Cisco routers have?

Console ports

2 LAN interfaces

Enhanced High-speed WAN Interface Card slots

List 6 steps to setting up a cisco router.

1. Mount and ground the chassis

2. Seat the external compact flash card

3.Connect the power cable

4. Configure the terminal emulation software on the PC and connect the PC to the console port

5. Turn on the router

6. Observe the start up messages

What are two most common methods to access the router Command Line Interface



What are the differences between the two command modes for CLI?

User EXEC mode has a limited number of monitoring commands, while privileged EXEC mode has access to all commands and features

What does (config)# mean?

The router is in global configuration mode

What is the command structure in cli?

Prompt, (eg switch>)

Command (eg ping)


Keyword or argument(eg192.168.1.1)

What is the difference between a keyword and an argument?

A keyword is a specific parameter defined in the operating system. Often a word with a specific meaning

An argument is a variable defined by the user. Eg an actual ip address

What is a good command to view summary info about a router?

'show' commands

What are the basic steps to configure a switch?

Configure device name

Secure the user exec mode

Secure remote telnet/ssh access

Secure privileged exec mode

Secure all passwords in the config file

Provide legal notification

Configure the management SVI

Save config

What extra step is there when configuring a router instead of a switch?

Configure the management SVI