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Grains 1oz eq

1 slice of bread

.5c cooked rice, pasta, cereal

1c cold cereal

Veggies 1c Eq

1c raw/cooked veggies

2c leafy greens

Fruit 1c eq

1c 100% real fruit juice

1 large or 2 small pieces of fruit

1c fresh, frozen, canned

.5c dried

Dairy 1c eq

1.5oz natural cheese

2oz processed cheese

2c cottage cheese

1.5c ice cream

1c calcium fortified milk

1c fat free milk or yogurt

Protein 1oz eq

Meat, chicken,fish

1 egg

.25c cooked legumes or tofu

.5oz nuts of seeds

1 tbsp peanut butterL


Like meat, except they have fiber

Like veggies, except they have protein

.25c= 1oz protein food

.5c=.5c veggies