Paganism: Saving The World

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How could one have the audacity to claim that their lifestyle is not only saving animals, but also saving the world? Although this may sound like a fantasy end to a superhero movie, this goal is actually attainable through the pursuit of a vegan life. Last year, sixteen million people switched to a plant-based diet for an array of reasons such as ethics and health concerns. Avoiding animal products in all aspects of one’s regimen, diet, clothing easily profits millions of amazing benefits. While many are still skeptical about veganism, this lifestyle promotes superior health and an ecological planet.
Encouraging a sustainable way of life by treating our earth kindly is one of many triumphs achieved through a vegan lifestyle. If everyone consumed
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“Eating a healthy vegan diet has shown to prevent a number of diseases,” by eliminating dietary cholesterol, and lowering high blood pressure, and reducing your chances of various cancers, and countless other ailments (“57 Health Benefits”). With an extensive list of health benefits the vegan lifestyle’s exciting appeal is impossible to ignore. While vegans enjoy superior wellness, connoisseurs of a western diet expose themselves to an elevated risk for a variety of disastrous diseases. By age forty, Rajiv Misquitta experienced two heart attacks, undergone quintuple bypass surgery, and suffered from LDL cholesterol of one hundred thirty. His world filled with looming danger. After a wake up call from his wife and doctor, he frantically switched to a whole-food, plant-based diet that saved his life (Misquitta). Not only did he feel more energized, and jubilant with cholesterol nearly eighty points lower, but he conquered his heart condition. Misquitta was granted a second chance at life due to a healthy, cruelty-free diet. Now, he pursues a mission of helping others make the same positive changes in their own lives so that they may experience similar victory. “Several studies [also] indicate that those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle live an average of three to six years longer than those who do not.” (“57 Health Benefits”). Preventing one’s premature passing is one of countless highly desirable …show more content…
The belief that animals will overtake the planet is purely ridiculous, and easily dispelled. Society’s conversion to a plant based diet would restore the populations of the animal kingdom to their normal levels (Wildman). The reason for this being that animals are currently found in such high numbers due to their overbreeding for purposes of food. When people cease to consume meat, the mass production of genetically modified animals will also cease. Animals and people will again coexist at an ordinary ratio. Additionally, a vegan diet is significantly more natural than a western diet because our bodies are more similar to those of herbivores than carnivores in means of digestion (Wildman). Therefore it is not that our bodies are not accustomed to a meat-based regimen, but that they are closer accustomed to a plant-based regimen. Veganism is significantly healthier than a western diet. Of course this makes sense, for how can anything derived directly from the earth be unnatural? Finding a source of protein is another non-issue for Vegans. With a surplus of plant-based food packed with protein including nuts, legumes, beans, and leafy greens finding proper nutrients is painless. In fact, these plants are a healthier source of protein than animal based products. Also, to ensure all

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