Persuasive Essay On Veganism

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Lauren Shipes
Professor Morton
English 111
29 November 2017
The New and Improved Choice: Veganism
In the midst of the new and changing diets and society norms one thing seems to still be a life changing choice that many people keep making: veganism. Many people choose this lifestyle for several reasons such as health, environmental, or ethical reasons. Choosing the vegan lifestyle is not only better for people physically, but emotionally as well.
Since the beginning of veganism there have been many different views on it, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, veganism stands for “The beliefs or practice of vegans; abstention from or avoidance of all food or other products of animal origin.” People tend to misjudge and believe that it is just like being vegetarian, this is because they do not fully understand what being vegan truly entails. The difference between being vegan and being vegetarian, is being vegetarian means that they still include animal byproducts in their diet; however, they cut out the meat aspect.
The use of the word vegan is first documented in November of 1944
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According to Leila Green, Lessa Costello, and, around the conclusion of the China Study, it is stated “The results overwhelmingly indicated that a wholefood, plant-based diet was superior to the standard Western diet, the SAAD, in terms of cancer protection.” Concluding that not only will eating fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as keeping a healthy life style can truly help a person’s mentality and physicality in the long run; but it will also help with cancer protection, keeping animals safe, and keeping the environment cleaner by reducing your carbon

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