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Which day should you begin each Regular report?
On the day following the ending date of the last regular report.
Which article of the U.S Navy Regulations requires that records be maintained on naval personnel "which reflect their fitness for the service and performance of duties"?
Article 1129
What is indicated by an entry of "FROCKED" in block 8 (promotion status)?
Frocked to the grade or rate entered in Block 2, but not yet regularly promoted.
The system utilized which type of report for officers (W-2 to O-6)?
An enlisted OIC in the grade of E-9 and civilians in command positions who hold the grade of GS-9 through GS-12 may sign reports on whom?
E-5 and below
What is the maximum combined percent of a summary group for early promote and must promote for E-6 members?
60 percent
What is entered in block 44 (qualifications/achievments)?
Only completed, not anticipated achievements.
Which trait mark recomendation says the member can handle this aspect of the next pay-grade?
Dependable, Fully Qualified, Journeyman Performance, 3.0
A member elegible for consideration by a selection board may communicate in what means with the board?
In writing
Normally who is the councelor for E1-E4 personnel?
The rater E6 or above, who is usually the division, department or work center LPO.
What is the foundation of the performance record?
Regular reports
What additional action is required if "Not Perf" is entered in block 30 (date counseled)?
A brief explanation must be entered in block 31.
The system utilizes which type of report for other enlisted personnel (E1-E6)?
What copies of a report may block 27(SSN) may not contain a reporting seniors SSN?
Members copy, enlisted field service record copy and the command files.
A periodic report may be omitted if a member has received a graded Regular report within the past how many months?
When submitting a statement on for your EVAL it may be no longer than how many pages?
By a virtue of their command authority Commanding Officers and Officers In Charge are what?
Reporting senior
When are E9 FITREPs due?
April 15th
Members should review their Continuity of Reports on BOL approximately how many days after the reports are signed and mailed to NAVPERSCOM?
60 days
The Reporting Senior must retain copies of FITREPs on all officers and CHIEFEVALS on all CPOs for at least___years. The command must retain copies of enlisted EVALs and CHIEFEVALs for ___years.
For the comments portion of the EVAL what size font should you use?
10 to 12 pitch
During a Mid-Term Counseling what should you not enter on the Mid-Term?
Promotion Recommendation
For personnel E5-E6, the rater should be a Navy CPO whenever possible, but if none is available within the command, the rater may be a?
E7 or above or civilian equivalent.
Which trait mark recommendation says the member needs development in this trait, but is promotable if overall performance warrants?
Useful, Promissing Performance, 2.0.
What is entered in block 21 (Billet Subcategory) if there is no billet subcategory code?
NA (Do Not Leave Blank)
What provide a record of significant performance in an additional duty (ADDU) or temporary additional duty (TEMADD) status?
Concurrent reports
What are the ending dates for officer FITREPs?
Always on the last day of the month.
At a minimum, a member should attempt to obtain any missing report covering significant duty in grades of E5 or above going back how many years?
5 years
What were summary groups formerly known as?
Comparison groups
When may a member lose their eligibility for their Good Conduct medal and must wait another 3 years?
When they receive any 1.0 trait grade.
What FITREP block is used for qualifications and achievements for E7-O6 members?
Block 41 (Comments on Performance)
The system utilizes what type of report for Chief Petty Officers (CPO) (E7-E9)?