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Corrosion that occurs when different metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte?

Corrosion that is an extremely localized attack and results in holes in the metal?
Corrosion on the grain boundaries of the metal?
An advanced form of intergranular corrosion where the surface grains of the metal are lifted up by the force of expanding corrosion products occurring at the grain boundaries?
What is a form of crevice corrosion that occurs on metal surfaces having a thin organic protective coating?
What is the intergranular or transgranular cracking of a metal caused by the combined effects of constant tensile stress and corrosion?
Stress corrosion
What is the cracking of metals caused by the combined effects of cyclic stress and corrosion?
Corrosion fatigue
What corrosion occurs at contact areas between materials under load subject to repeated vibration?
Fretting corrosion
What is Corrosion?
The electrochemical deterioration of a material or its properties due to its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment.
What is the natural occurring state of corrosion?
usually oxide or sulfide ores
What kind of corrosion products do aluminum and magnesium form?
White oxides or hydroxide

When can corrosion occur in the absence of water?

High temps.

What is the most common form of corrosion?
Electrochemical corrosion
What is a negatively charged subatomic particle?
What is an atom or group of atoms or molecules which have acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing electrons?
What is an electrolyte?
A liquid, usually water, that contain ions.
What are the four conditions that must exist for corrosion to occur?
1. A metal which has a tendency to corrode must be present.
2. A dissimilar conductive material which has less tendency to corrode than the anode must be present.
3. A conductive liquid must connect the anode and cathode.
4. Electrical contact between the anode and cathode must exist so the electrons can move between them.
How much more is corrosion accelerated with sea water?
By a factor of 1000 times or more.

What kind of corrosion is stainless steel susceptible to?


How can filiform corrosion be prevented?
Storing in relative humidity of below 65%.
What kind of corrosion is high strength steel and aluminum parts susceptible to?
Stress corrosion.
What kind of dust forms with corroded steel?
Red dust
What metal is considered the best coating for corrosion resistance and solder-ability?