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How many conditions must exist for metal corrosion to occur?


What is the electrochemical deterioration of a material or its properties due to is chemical reaction with the surrounding environment?


What is the most common type of corrosion that results from a direct chemical attack on a metal surface that proceeds over the entire surface area?

Uniform Surface Corrosion

What is the smallest unit of an element, made up of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a system of negatively charged electrons?


What occurs when different metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte and is usually recognized by the presence of a build up of corrosion deposits at the joint between metals?

Galvanic Corrosion

What is a negatively charged subatomic particle?


What corrosion is extremely localized attack that results in holes in the metal?

Pitting Corrosion

An atom or group of atoms or molecules which has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing electrons?


What corrosion attacks the grain boundaries of the metal?

Intergranular Corrosion

What is a liquid (usually water) solution containing ions whose major components are sodium and chloride ions?


What corrosion is an advance form of intergranular corrosion where the surface grains are lifted up by a force of corrosion products occurring at the grain boundaries?

Exfoliation Corrosion

Most alloys are made up entirely up of small crystalline regions called?


What corrosion can occur when stagnant solution is pooled?

Crevice corrosion

What are the four conditions that must exist for metal corrosion to occur?

1. Anode (metal which can corrode)

2. Cathode (dissimilar conductive material)

3. Electrolyte (conductive liquid)

4. Electrical contact (between anode and cathode)

What corrosion is a form of crevice corrosion, which occurs on metal having a thin organic protective coating and is recognized by its wormlike trace of corrosion beneath the coating?

Filiform Corrosion

If the surface area of the _____ is smaller than the surface area of the less active _____, corrosion will be rapid and severe.

Anode, Cathode

What corrosion is the increase in the rate of attack on a metal due to the action of a corrosive fluid against the metal surface?

Erosion Corrosion

What is the intergranular or transgranular cracking of a metal caused by the combined effects of constant tensile stress and corrosion?

Stress Corrosion

Corrosion will occur if the concentration of the _____ on the surface varies from one location to another.


What is the cracking of metals caused by the combined effects of cyclic stress and corrosion?

Corrosion Fatigue

Higher _____ environments tend to produce more rapid corrosion due to accelerated chemical reactions.


What occurs at contact areas between materials under load subject to repeated vibration?

Fretting Corrosion

What does the corrosion product of aluminum alloy look like?

Aluminum oxide (white to gray powder)

What does the corrosion product of magnesium alloy look like?

White powdery snow-like mounds

What is corrosion in the absence of water that can occur at high temperatures, such as those found in turbine engine combustors, turbine sections, and afterburners?

Hot Corrosion

What are the most widely used materials for aircraft construction in addition to its uses inside the aircraft structure?

Aluminum and aluminum alloys

Some aluminum parts are protected with an electrochemically applied oxide coating called?


What is the lightest structural metal used for aircraft and missile airframes?

Magnesium alloys

What does the corrosion product of carbon and low alloy steel look like?

Reddish-brown oxide (rust)

What does the corrosion product of stainless steels look like?

Rough surface, sometimes has red,brown, or back stain.

What is subject to growth of whisker-like deposits?


Dirt, salt, acidic stack gases, and engine exhaust gases can dissolve on wet surfaces, increasing the electrical conductivity of the _____, thereby increasing the rate of corrosion.


What six types of corrosion affect Aluminum alloy?

1. Pitting corrosion

2. Intergranular Corrosion

3. Exfoliation Corrosion

4. Stress Corrosion

5. Corrosion Fatigue

6. Fretting Corrosion

What does the corrosion product of titanium alloy look like?

No visible corrosion, colored surface oxides develop at over 700 F.

All metals will corrode to some extent in a natural environment. When a metal corrodes, the atoms lose electrons and become positively charged.

Theory of Corrosion

What is it called when corrosion occurs when the concentration of the electrolyte on the surface varies from one location to another?

Concentration Cell

What is it called when some of the electrolyte on a metal surface is partially confined and metal in this confined area corrordes more rapidly than other metal surfaces of the same part outside of this area?

Oxygen Concentration Cell