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This type of muscle bends a joint
Flexor Muscle
Located on the pinky side, the inner larger bone on the outside of the forearm
Of the two muscles that rotate the foot down and out, this muscle is the longer muscle
Peroneus laugus
The flexor digiti minimi Controls the
litti Toe
Phenol is a Strong disinfectant that has a high
This artery supplies blood to the little finger side of the arm and Palm of the hand
Ulnar artery
This calf muscle is attached to the lower portion of the heel and pull the foot down
Photoinitiators begin the process of ? in gel nails
The nerve that runs along the little finger side of the arm and Palm of tue hand
Ulnar Nerve
The larges bone in the upper arm, extending from the shoulder to the elbow
A monomer must mix with a ? to form a nail enhancement
Activator that speeds UP the curing Process, Which has very little odor due to this ingredient
The film like, tacky layer that forms on top of the nail enhancement
Inhibition layer
The chemical reaction that creates polymers
One of the main ingredients that create Uv gel nail enhancements
Urethane methacrylate
Initiators begin the process that creates very long
Ploymer chain
The well area edge that bumps up against the natural nail free adge
Posytion stop
Specialized acrylic monomers that quickly Polymerize with the addition of any Weak alkaline product to form an adhesive
The general term for any nail disease or deformity
The seven bones that form the ankle
Five long thin bones that form the Palm of the hand
This muscle turns the forearm and hand inward causing the palm to face downward
Extensor muscle
Paronychia is a bacterial inflammation of ? surrounding the nail plate.
The muscle that covers the shin and bends the foot?
Tibialis Anterion
The monomer easily polymerizes and is especially used as a monomer for acrylic resin
Methy metharcylate (mma)
The bone that extends from the knee to the ankle, forming the outer part of the lower leg.
This artery supplies blood to the thumb side of the arm and the back of the hand.
Of the two muscles that rotate the foot down and out, this muscle is the shorter muscle.
Peroneus brevis
A fungal infection that occurs on the bottom of the foot and or between the toes that can spread to the toenails
Tynea pedis
This tool is typically used in pedicures to smooth and file the free edge.
Nail rasit
Located on the side of the thumb, the outer, smaller bone on the inside of the forearm.
The muscles that spread the fingers or toes:
This is used to adhere the fabric wrap to the natural nail or nail tip.
This disinfectant is non-toxic to the skin and environment, only needs to be changed every 14 days, and is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide.
Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP)
Short polymer chains that create a thickened gel-like resin:
Bleach is also known as:
Sodium hypochlorite
A high-quality virgin plastic that is used to manufacture nail tips.
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Inflammation of the nail matrix
The muscle attached to the lower heel that bends the foot down
Adductor muscles ? the fingers or toes
Loosening or separation of the nail plate from the nail bed without shedding
The most vulnerable area of the nail tip
Stress Area
The eight bones that form the wrist
A fungal infection of the nail also known as onychomycosis
This muscle turns the forearm and hand outward so the palm faces upward
The smallest nerve of the three arm and hand nerves that runs along the mid forearm and extends into the hands
Median nerve
A solution containing methacrylic acid that is applied to the natural nail plate to help adhere a nail enhancement
Digital nerves are located in the
Fingers and toes
The group of adductor muscles in the palm that pull the thumb towards the fingers
The larger of the two bones below the knee that form the lower leg
Five long slender bones located between the ankle and toes
The standard name for disinfectants
The long bone extending from the hip to the knee
Another name for the kneecap
The muscle that helps flex the foot inward
Tibialis Posterior
Small unseen openings in the skin that allow pathogens to enter
The nerve that runs along the thumb side of the arm and the back of the hand
Radial nerve
When an acrylic powder is mixed with a ? it blinds acrylic polymers to form a nail enhancement