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Natural Nail


hard protective plate composed mainly of keratin

Nail Plate

hardened keratin plate sits on and covers the nail bed

Free edge

part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger or toe

nail bed

portion of living skin that supports the nail plate as it grows toward the free edge

Bed Epithelium

help guide the nail plate along the nail bed as it grows


area where the nail plate cells are formed


visible part of the matrix that extends from underneath the living skin

nail cuticle

dead, color less tissue attached to the natural nail plate


living skin at the base of the natural nail plate that covers the matrix area


slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip and the free edge of the natural nail plate


tough band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or holds an organ in place

nail folds

folds of normal skin that surround the nail plate

nail grooves

slits or furrows on the side wall

side wall

lateral nail fold, fold of skin overlapping the side of the nail

Normal Nail Growth

grow forward from the matrix determine the thickness, width and curvature of the natural nail plate

Average rate of nail growth

1/10 inch per month

Nail growth is fastest

middle finger

Nail growth is slowest


Nail Disorder

condition caused by injury or disease of the nail unit

Bruised nails

condition in which a blood clot forms under the nail plate causing a dark purplish spot

Eggshell Nails

thin, white nail plates that are more flexible than normal

Beau's lines

visible depressions running across the width of the natural nail plate


agnail, condition in which the living skin around the nail plate spits and tears

Leukonychia Spots

whitish discoloration of the nail caused by minor injury to the nail matrix


darkening of the fingernails or toes

Discolored nails

nails that run variety of colors

(indicating surface stain, systemic disorder, poor blood circulation)


bitten nails

result of a habit of chewing the nail or the hardened, damaged skin surrounding the nail plate


split or brittle nails that have a series of lengthwise ridges giving a rough appearance to the surface of the nail plate

Plicatured Nail

folded nail, type of highly curved nail plate usually caused by injury to the matrix

Nail Pterygium

abnormal condition that occurs when the skin is stretched by the nail plate


vertical lines running down the length of the natural nail plate that are caused by uneven growth of the nails

(result of aging)

Splinter Hemorrhages

caused by physical trauma or injury to the nail bed that damages the capillaries and allows small amounts of blood flow

Pincer Nail

trumpet nails

free edge pinches the sidewalls into a deep curvuture

Pseuodomonas Aeruginosa

common bacteria that cause a nail infection


disease of the natural nail


inflammation of the nail matrix followed by shedding of the natural nail plate


ingrown nails


lifting of the nail plate from the bed without shedding


separation and falling off of a nail from the nail bed

Nail Psoriasis

noninfectious condition that affects the surface of the natural nail plate causing any tiny pits or severe toughness on the surface of the nail plate


bacterial inflammation of the tissues surrounding the nail

Pyogenic Granuloma

severe inflammation of the nail in which lump of red tissue grows up from the nail bed to the nail plate

Tinea Pedis

ringworm of the feet


fungal infection of the natural nail plate


foundation of all nail technology services

essential oils

extracted using various forms of distillation from seeds, bark, roots, leaves, wood, and/or resin of plants

square nail

completely straight across the free edge with no rounding of edges

squoval nails

square free edge that is rounded off at the corner edges

round nails

slightly tapered and extend past the fingertip

oval nail

attractive on most women's hands

Pointed nails

suited to thin hands with long fingers and narrow nail beds


cosmetic service performed on the feet by a licensed cosmetologist or nail technician


more than one appointment


situation that may require a series of appointment

spa pedicure

use of mask on foot and/or leg

massage used most



method of applying pressure with thumb and index fingers to the hands and feet


tools used to perform your services and are reusable or disposable

metal pusher

gently scrape cuticle tissue from the natural nail plate

Pedircure station

comfortable chairs with armrest and footrest for client and ergonomic chair for the cosmetologist


small scoop-shaped implement used for more efficient removal of debris from the nail folds, eponychium, and hyponychium areas

Nail rasp

metal implement with a grooved edge used for filling and smoothing the edges of the nail plate