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nail plate
nail body, translucent part of the nail, extending from nail root to free edge
free edge
part of the nail plate that extends beyond the fingertip
the skin between the free edge and fingertip of the the natural nail
nail root
portion of the nail plate hidden under a fold of skin (mantle) at the base of the nail plate
nail bed
the portion of skin that the nail plate rests opon as it grows out
bed epithelium
is a thin layer of skin cells between the nail bed and the nail plate
small portion of non-living epidermis extending around the base of the nail
the whitish, half moon shape at the base of the nail
specialized ligaments
attach the nail bed and the matrix to the bone, underneath the ligament is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects bons or holds organs in place
the part of the nail bed that extends below the nail root and helps to produce the nail. damage to the matrix can affect the nail plates growth
is a pocket like fold of skin that holds the nail root and matrix in place
nail folds
skin folds that form nail grooves
nail side wall
known as lateral nail fold, the piece of skin that overlaps onto the side of the nail
nail grooves
slits or grooves on the sides of the nail that allow growth
is the living skin at the base of the nail plate that partially overlaps the lunula
is the additional or excessive skin that overlaps onto the sides of the nail plate
also known as hangnail; split cuticle around the nail
bruised nail
dark purplish discoloration under the nail
discolored nails
variety of diffrent colors
egg shell nails
thin white nail plates, that are more flexable than normal