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What is motor control?
study of how to move and organize movement for a task/goal in an environment


how the CNS uses current and previous information to coordinate effective and efficient movement by transforming neural energy into kinetic energy
Neuromuscular education
a method of training the enhancement of unconscious motor responses by stimulating both afferent signals and central mechanisms responsible for dynamic joint control
Acquisition of a skill
Cognitive stage of learning
need the most extrinsic feedback
Associative stage of learning
patient needs to make small errors and self-correct
Negative effect on learning
extensive information about task requirement early in the learning process
Mental practice has only been useful with athletes. t/f
Knowledge of Results
immediate information about the outcome of a task
Knowledge of performance
information about the nature or quality of performance
Throwing a bag of potato chips
throwing chips in a crowded room type of task? environment? loop?
discrete, open, open