Adaptive Admissions: Personal Hygiene And Therapeutic Uses

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Jeanese Murdock, OTAS
Adaptive Equipment Paper
Long Handled nail/bath brush with suction cups
This personal hygiene device is used for people that have limited or no function in one hand or other upper extremity disabilities causing limited grasp or hand strength. It is used for cleaning fingernails and toenails and can also be used to wash a person’s feet. This one handed device will suction to any flat, smooth surface such as; a bath tub, shower stall, bedside table, or bathroom sink or counter.
Therapeutic use/benefits:
Keeping your hands clean is crucial to good health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, norovirus is transferred from hands to mouth after using the bathroom. Washing your hands will get them clean, but particles that can’t be seen still remain under the
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Some of the performance areas of motor skills impacted are aligns, stabilizes, positions, reaches, bends, grips, moves, and lifts. Some process skills areas are paces, attends, heeds, chooses, uses, handles, initiates, continues, sequences, gathers, adjust, and accommodates. Some areas of client factors are values and beliefs. Also, attention, perception, energy and drive, visual functions, vestibular function, proprioceptive functions, touch functions, and sensitivity to pressure. All muscle functions of power, tone, and endurance. This device will support their performance patterns in occupational performance.

There are no tools required to make this brush, so if a therapist needed this on the way to a patient’s house one stop is all it will take.
Equipment needed for making an adaptive nail brush with suction cups.
1 long handled bath brush= $1.00
2 suction cups (1 small, 1 large) 1 bag of assorted sizes 24 total= $2.59
1 super glue=$4.97 Total=$7.56
Compared to online
Helping Hand Company=

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