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Cool-water immersion of a burned part effectively reduces burning only when done within which of the following time frames?
The first 1-2 minutes
An area of burned tissue that is not painful is most likely a ______ burn injury.
You are caring for a patient with 30 percent full- and partial-thickness burns. He is an 80kg male. According to the Parkland formula, he should receive _________ liters of fluid over 24 hours, with _______ liters infused in the first 8 hours.
9.6, 4.8
According to Jackson's theory of thermal wounds, which of the following zones has suffered the greatest damage?
Patients who survive the first several days of a moderate to critical burn are most likely to die from which of the following complications?
Your patient has circumferential full-thickness burns of the thorax. He is intubated, and you have noticed an increase in resistance as you bag him. His skin is very tight and inflexible as you try to ventilate. Which of the following is required to improve this patient's ventilatory status?
An escharotomy
Based on the total body surface area and burn depth, you have determined that an 88-year-old female has a moderate burn. Considering the age of the patient, you should consider this burn
Paralysis of the muscles of respiration may occur when there is body contact with electrical currents as low as ____ mA.
Which of the following has contributed most significantly to the decline in U.S. burn mortality?
Improved building codes and construction and sprinkler and smoke detector use.
When caring for an amputated part, which of the following principals apply?
Place the part in a dry plastic bag and seal it.
Keep the part dry and place it in a container of cold water.
The first stage of healing is
Your patient is a 3-year-old male who has struck his head on a concrete patio. He has a wound that penetrates the dermis ans is approximately 2 cm long. This wound would be best described as a
You are called to a commercial creamery where an employee got his arm trapped in the ice-cream-mixing machinery. You note that the skin has been pulled off his hand and arm from the midforearm down. The patient's muscles, tendons, and bones are exposed. This type of injury is a(n)
degloving injury
Which of the following best describes the skeletal degeneration secondary to crushing trauma that causes the release of metabolic by-products?
You have responded to an injured person at a motorcycle clubhouse. Your patient was attacked by a perpetrator w/ a broken bottle. Your patient has a large laceration on her neck with moderate bleeding. Which which property of your dressing material is most important in caring for this patient?
Which of the following patients has an increased chance of wound infection?
29 y/o m, one pack-per-day smoker
65 y/o f taking ibuprofen for arthritis
40 y/o m who has AIDS
all of the above.
Pt is 30 y/o machinist who had his rt hand caught in a press.Upon extrication, there is no evidence of significant trauma. Which of the following best describes the index of suspicion you should have for this patient?
There may be extensive soft tissue injury, fractures, and damage due to crush syndrome.
The tough fibrous sheaths that bundle skeletal muscle are called
Even with intervention, survival is unlikely w/ blood loss over ____ percent of the total blood volume.
Managing a laceration w/ arterial bleeding often requires
direct pressure
Which of the following mechanisms is responsible for accumulating lactic acid in shock?
anaerobic metabolism
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of arterial bleeding?
clots quickly on its own
Pericardial tamponade would most likely result in which of the following types of shock?
Which of the following terms is best described as the loss of blood from the vascular space?
Which of the following is most important when assessing the damage done by a gunshot?
The distance from the shooter
Which of the following is most likey to occur when military ammunition is used?
It will remain intact
Which of the following is true of the shock wave that accompanies high velocity penetrating trauma?
The shock wave may be transmitted through blood, resulting in damage to blood vessels some distance from the primary wound.
Which of the following is NOT considered penetrating trauma?
Laceration on forehead as a result of being struck w/ metal pipe
Which of the following vessels has the greatest ability to change diameter?
Which of the following indicates a progression from compensated shock to decompensated shock?
Dropping level of consciousness
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of the PASG?
An autotransfusion of up to 2000mL of blood from the lower extremities
Which of the following is most likely to be fractured due to a fall onto outstretched hands?
Which of the following contributes to a greater degree of injury than anticipated from vehicle damage alone in a lateral-impact motor vehicle collision?
Lack of a crumple zone
Frontal impacts in which the patient takes a 'down-and-under' pathway typically result in which of the following injury patterns?
Hip and femur fractures