The Importance Of Marrma In Sports

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The word Marma comes from Sanskrit origin ‘mru’ or ‘marr’. ‘Marayantiitimarma’, the Sanskrit phrase means likelihood of death after inflion to these places. The word Marma is also used with synonys as tender, secret or vital spots. According to Sushruta, Marma point is an anatomical site where Mansa(muscles), Sira(blood vessels), Snayu(tender), Asthi(bones), Sandhi(joints) confluence.According to traumatic effect,Marma are classified as Sadhyapranahara (causing death immediately), KalantaraPranhara(causing death on time), Rujakara (causing pain), Vaikalyakara(causing deformity) and Vishalyaghna(one with foreign body).Pain is the first sigh of morbidity of any tissue. The eight (8) RujakaraMarma are such sites in the body where in slight injury …show more content…
It is the application of various medical principles to the sports activities, physical exercise and performance endeavors. It is related to the physiological as well as patho-physiological aspects of sports and athletics injuries. It is not only prevention and treatment of injuries, but it is a scientific investigation of training methods and practices in sports also.
Sports injury - Any bodily damage sustained during participation in competitive or non- competitive sports activities. Sports injuries can affect bones or soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves etc. Those who are overstressed and lack of warming up suffers with these injuries.
AcharyaSushruta has advocated the application of Manjistadilepa in traumatic joint injuries in chikitsasthana. Manjishthadilepa excellent result in fracture healing, swelling and pain. It was found that, a very good analgesic and anti- inflammatory
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Anatomical structers: Peroneousbravis and longus muscle. Peritoneal artery and tributeris of short saphenous vein, peritoneal nerve.
Qualities relative to injury: Rujakara (pain-causing)
Symotoms if injured that’s correlated with sports injury: Damage to the ligaments and bone may cause severe pain along with the impairment of the function of the foot.
Types of sports injuries :
• Acute – (Characterized by sudden appearance of symptoms usually associated with Single traumatic incident. These are caused by excessive force applied to bone or soft tissues during sport activity.).
• Chronic - (over use) According to cause - sports injuries.
• Intrinsic - Arising from specific incidence, not involving any outside agencies e.g. running.
• Extrinsic- Due to contact with an external object.E.g. football.
According to nature of tissue damage:
• Strains (muscle/tendon injuries).
• Sprains (joint/ligament injuries).
• Contusions and hematomas.
• Fractures and dislocations.
• Wounds (abrasions, lacerations, punctures, blisters).

Sports Injury Related Conditions in

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