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Anterograde amnesia

An inability to form new memories

Retrograde amnesia

An inability to retrieve information from one's past

Proactive interference

The forward acting disruptive effect of Prior learning on the recall of new information


In psychoanalytic theory, the basic defense mechanism that banishes from Consciousness, anxiety arousing thoughts feelings and memories


A process in which previously stored memories when retrieved are potentially altered before being stored again

Misinformation effect

When misleading information has corrupted one's memory of an event

Source amnesia

Attributing to the wrong Source an event we have experienced read about or imagined. AKA Source misattribution. Source Amnesia along with the misinformation effect is at the heart of many false memories

Deja vu

That Eerie sense that I've experienced this before. Cues from the current situation may unconsciously trigger retrieval of an earlier experience.