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distinguishing name or symbol that identifies products/ services of a seller
brand equity
value that a brand image offers retailers
brand awareness
ability of a customer to recognize a brand name is a certain type of retailer
aided recall
consumer knows the brand when it is presented to him/her
top-of-mind awareness
when a consumer mentions a brand first when asked about a category of retailers
brand association
anything linked to a brand name in the consumer's memory
brand image
set of associations that are usually organized around some meaningful theme
integrated marketing communication program
program that spans all communication channels to deliver a comprehensive, consistent message
paid communication
sales promotion
offer extra value and incentives to visit a store or make a purchase during a specific period of time
store atmosphere
the physical elements of a store that create an image in the consumer's mind
personal selling
one on one/ face-to-face
can be personalized
communicating and selling thru wireless handheld devices (phones)
significant, unpaid communication (like a news story)
communication objectives
specific goals related to the retail communication mix's effect on the customer's decision-making process
marginal analysis
spend more on communication as long as you get more back than you spend
objective-and-task method
determines the budget require to do specific tasks and to accomplish a specific communication objective
rule-of-thumb method
budget based on past sales and communication activities
affordable budgeting method
forecast sales, expenses, take out desired profit and use the rest for communication
percentage-of-sales method
set communication budget as a percentage of forecasted sales
competitive parity method
estimate total communication expenditures in your industry/market. then estimate your market share. then multiply the two and that is your communication budget
number of potential customers in the target market that could be exposed to an advertisement in a given medium
the actual number of potential customers in the target market that are exposed to an advertisement in a given medium
cost per thousand (CPM)
the ad's cost divided by the ad's reach
ad's effect on the audience
how many times the potential customer is exposed to an ad
advantage of paid communication
most amount of control
advantage of personal selling
most flexibility/ personalization
advantage of word of mouth and publicity
most credibility