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An SIS uses IT to help an organization...
-Gain a competitive advantage
-Reduce a competitive disadvantage
-Meet other strategic enterprise objectives
What is Competitive Advantage?
-Capability for advantage over rivals
-Leads industry in identifiable way
-Sustains profits above industry average
-Hard to maintain over long period of time
Porter's Five Forces of Competition
-Rivalry of competitors
-Threat of new Entrants
-Threat of substitute products
-Customer bargaining power
-Supplier bargaining power
Five Competitive Strategies and Examples:
-Cost leadership/Priceline
-Differentiation strategy/Dell
-Alliance/Wal-Mart(automatic inventory replenishment by supplier
Name four OTHER competitive strategies
-Lock in customers and suppliers
-Create switching costs
-Raise barriers to entry
-Build strong IT dept.
BPR or re-engineering is very high risk/reward. Name three enablers of BPR
-Process Teams
-Case Managers
State 4 strategies for an Agile Company
-Products as solutions to problems
-Cooperates with customers, suppliers and competitors
-Thrives on change and uncertainty
-Leverages people and knowledge
A virtual company uses IT to link:
Inter-enterprise information systems link:
A knowledge-creating company or learning organization does these three things very well:
-Consistently creates new business knowledge
-Disseminates it throughout the org.
-Builds it into its products and services
A company that employs agile manufacturing practices. Also, a company that has converted to a primarily software-based business model and is more quickly able to respond to a changing market
Agile Company
IS that provide a firm with competitive products and services that give it a strategic advantage over its competitors in the marketplace. Also, information systems that promote business innovation, improve business processes and build strategic information resources for a firm.
Viewing a firm as a series, chain or network of basic activities that add value to its products and services and thus add a margin of value to the firm.
Value Chain
An organization that uses telecommunications networks and other information technologies to link the people, assets and ideas of a variety of business partners, no matter where they may be, to exploit a business opportunity.
Virtual Company