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Prokaryotic cells, bacteria
What type of cell is this, and what group is this microbial from?
Cell wall of peptidoglycan
Prokaryotic cells, Archaea
What type of microbial, and from from what group is this cell from?
no cell wall or cell wall not of peptidoglycan
Eukaryote Protozoa Amoeba
What type of microbial?
Why is it, what it is?
eukaryotic algae
What type of microbial, and what group?
Photosynthetic or nonphotosynthetic?
Eurkaryote, fungi
what type of microbial, and what group?
bread mold, mushrooms, yeast
Virus, because of the surrounding proteins.
what type of microbial, what group, and Why?
Robert Hooke, what year, and accomplishments?
saw first cells in plant material, cork.
Anton van Leeuvenhoek, what year, and what accomplishment?
saw first living cells
Edward Jenner, what year, and what accomplishment?
used scrapings from cowpox blisters to vaccinate a boy against smallpox
Ignaz Semmelweis, what year, and what accomplishment?
proposed that handwashing could prevent the spread of infection - childbirth fever
Louis Pasteur, what year, and what accomplishment?
Disproved spontaneous generation
Joseph Lister, what year, and what accomplishment?
Used aseptic techniques during surgery
Robert Koch, what year, and what accomplishment?
Work with anthrax supports the germ theory of disease, the idea that disease is caused by microbes.
Ilya Ilich Metchnikoff, what year, and what accomplishment?
Described phagocytosis
Paul Ehrilich, what year, and what accomplishment?
Proposed that antibodies are responsible for immunity
Discovered salvarsan, the first chemotherapeutic agent for a bacterial disease (syphilis)
Alexander Fleming, what year, and what accomplishment?
Discovered penicillin, the first antibiotic
cells whose DNA is not enclosed by a membrane.
Bacteria and archaea
cells whose DNA is enclosed by a membrane, this includes plants, animals, and fungi
"U" karyotes... me and "U"
non cells- can be as simple as DNA surrounded by protein.
bacteriology is?
study of bacteria
protozoology is?
study of protozoa
phycology is?
study of algea
mycology is?
study of fungi
parasitology is?
study of parasites
immunology is?
study of the immune system
nitrogen fixation is?
microorganisms taking gaseous nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it to forms used by plans and other organisms.