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What are the host ranges of a virus?
Give 4 descriptive things of a viruse
-non cellular
-non living
-means poison/venom
-really, really small
Name the structures of a virus
-nucleic acid core
-Protein coat
What is the nucleic acid core have in a virus?
Either DNA or RNA
not both****
How many nucleotides are in a virus?
250,000 base pairs
Can a nucleic acid be single of double stranded?
What kind of structure can the strand of nucleic acid be?
linear, circular, or separate pieces
What is the protein coat called?
What is the Capsid composed of
protein subunits called capsomeres
What is sometime found outside the capside?
The envelope
What is the the Envelope composed of?
Phospholipid bilayer
What is a virus called without an envelope?
naked virus
What is embedded in envelope of virus?
glycoprotein spikes
Name some shapes of a virus
-polyhedral many sides
-candy cane
what is the name of 20 triangular side shape