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Mt 1
Jesus' genealogy through Joseph
Mt 2
Wise men search for Jesus
Mt 3
John baptizes Jesus
Mt 4
Temptations of Jesus
Mt 5-7
Sermon on the mount
Mt 8
Centurion's servant healed
Mt 9
Jesus forgives sins & works miracles
Mt 10
Twelve apostles chosen
Mt 11
Jesus gives true rest
Mt 12
A tree is known by its fruit
Mt 13
Parable of the sower
Mt 14
Death of John the baptizer
Mt 15
Defilement comes from within
Mt 16
Jesus is the Christ
Mt 17
Jesus' transfiguration
Mt 18
Parable of the unforgiving servant
Mt 19
Marriage, divorce, & remarriage
Mt 20
Parable of the workers in the vineyard
Mt 21
The triumphant entry
Mt 22
Parable of the wedding feast
Mt 23
Woes to the scribes & Pharisees
Mt 24
Destruction of Jerusalem
Mt 25
Judgment day
Mt 26
Judas' betrayal
Mt 27
Death of Jesus
Mt 28
Great commission