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Acts 1
Ascension of Christ
Acts 2
The birth of the church
Acts 3
Lame man healed
Acts 4
Peter & John arrested
Acts 5
Ananias & Sapphira lie and die
Acts 6
Seven servants selected
Acts 7
Stoning of Stephen
Acts 8
Conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch
Acts 9
Conversion of Saul
Acts 10
Conversion of Cornelius
Acts 11
They were first called Christians in Antioch
Acts 12
Death of James
Acts 13 & 14
Paul's first missionary journey
Acts 15
Jerusalem meeting about circumcision
Acts 16
Conversion of the Philippian jailer
Acts 17
The philosophers in Athens
Acts 18
Apollos, Aquila, & Priscilla
Acts 19
Riot at Ephesus
Acts 20
Encouraging the Ephesian elders
Acts 21
Paul arrested in Jerusalem
Acts 22
Paul recounts his conversion
Acts 23
Paul before the Sanhedrin
Acts 24
Paul before Felix
Acts 25
Paul before Festus
Acts 26
Paul before Agrippa
Acts 27
Paul shipwrecked
Acts 28
Paul's arrival at Rome