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John 1
The Word became flesh
John 2
Water into wine
John 3
The new birth
John 4
Samaritan woman at the well
John 5
Jesus heals on the Sabbath
John 6
Jesus feeds 5000
John 7
People disagree about Jesus
John 8
Woman caught in adultery
John 9
A man born blind receives sight
John 10
Jesus the Good Shepherd
John 11
Death & resurrection of Lazarus
John 12
Jesus anointed at Bethany
John 13
Washing the disciples' feet
John 14
The way, the truth, & the life
John 15
The true vine
John 16
Preparing apostles for Jesus' departure
John 17
Jesus prays for unity
John 18
Jesus before Pilate
John 19
Jesus mocked, crucified, & buried
John 20
The risen Christ
John 21
Jesus restores Peter