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Gen 1
Creation: overall summary
Gen 2
Creation: specifics related to mankind
Gen 3
Sin enters the world
Gen 4
Cain & Abel
Gen 5
Genealogy of Seth
Gen 6
Preparing the ark
Gen 7
The global flood
Gen 8
Exiting the ark
Gen 9
Rainbow promise
Gen 10
Genealogy of Noah
Gen 11
Tower of Babel
Gen 12
Promises to Abram
Gen 13
Abram & Lot separate
Gen 14
Lot captured & rescued
Gen 15
God's covenant with Abram
Gen 16
Hagar & Ishmael
Gen 17
The sign of the covenant
Gen 18
A son is promised
Gen 19
Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed
Gen 20
Abraham & Abimelech
Gen 21
Birth of Isaac
Gen 22
Abraham sacrifices Isaac
Gen 23
Sarah's burial
Gen 24
Finding a bride for Isaac
Gen 25
Esau sells his birthright
Gen 26
Isaac & Abimelech
Gen 27
Jacob steals Esau's blessing
Gen 28
Jacob's vow at Bethel
Gen 29
Jacob marries Leah & Rachel
Gen 30
Jacob's children & animals increase
Gen 31
Jacob flees Laban
Gen 32
Gifts for Esau and wrestling with God
Gen 33
Jacob & Esau reconcile
Gen 34
Dinah & Shechem
Gen 35
Jacob returns to Bethel
Gen 36
Genealogy of Esau
Gen 37
Joseph sold by his brothers
Gen 38
Judah & Tamar
Gen 39
Joseph: slave & prisoner
Gen 40
The prisoners' dreams
Gen 41
Joseph's rise to power
Gen 42
Joseph's brothers buy grain in Egypt
Gen 43
Joseph's brothers return with Benjamin
Gen 44
Judah intercedes for Benjamin
Gen 45
Joseph reveals his identity
Gen 46
Israelites move to Egypt
Gen 47
Joseph manages the famine
Gen 48
Jacob blesses Joseph's sons
Gen 49
Jacob prophesies & dies
Gen 50
Mourning for Jacob & death of Joseph