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Name the three physiological effects of massage.
Mechanical, Metabolic, and Reflex
What type of physiological effect acts upon the body tissues with movement of blood and lymph?
a. metabolic
b. mechanical
c. friction
d. reflex
B. Mechanical
The most effective procedure, which will proovide a mechanical effect is
a. stroking
b. friction
c. vibration
d. kneading
B. Friction
Name the 4 types of massage that will produce a mechanical effect.
Friction, kneading, touch, and joint movement
Which massage effect is said to produce an exchange of nutrients, oxygen, and toxic wastes throughout tissue?
What is the most effective massage procedure, which will produce a metabolic effect?
a. Friction
b. Reflex
c. Kneading
d. percussion
C. Kneading
Name the 4 massage procedures that produce metabolic effects.
Kneading, Friction, percussion and joint movement
Which massage effect causes reactions from the cns and the pns?
The most effective procedure , which will produce a reflex effect is?
a. Percussion
b. Vibration
c. Stroking
d. kneading
B. Vibration
Name the 6 types of massage that produce a reflex effect.
Vibration, touch, stroking, friction, kneading, and percussion
What is one of the main physiological effects of general body massage?
a. exercise of the nervous system
b. helps all forms of skin disease
c. improved circulation
d. all of the above
C.Improved circulation
All are contraindications for general body massage except-
a. fever
b. acute apoplexy
c. sciatica
d. tubercular joints
C. sciatica
All are conraindications for general body massage except-
a. early stages of neuritis
b. all forms of skin disease except eczema
c. paraesthesia
d. abscesses or tumers
C. paraesthesia
what are the containdications for local body massage?
Acute inflammation
What types of clients not bear massage well?
fleshy/loose skined people
How shoudl a massage begin?
a. with maximum force and then gradually diminishing to termination
b. gentle, gradually increasing force
c. however the client wants
d. all of the above
B. gentle to max forc then diminishing to termination
What is applied with meaning, intelligence, control and purpose?