Questions And Answers To Build Your Own Therapist Website

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This article began with a question. Build your own therapist website, is this a project I should or need to undertake? Have you decided on your own answer to the question? Our answer is a resounding Yes! Yours is the one that counts.

So how does one have a live website? There are from an internet evolutionary mindset four possible avenues open to you:

1. Pay to have one built for you. 2. Learn HTML coding and build your own site with a host provider that offers the ability to upload HTML coding into their integrated system, giving you an amazing amount of control over the look, feel and functionality of your site. Now is recommended as your foundational framework (no need to purchase expensive software). 3.
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Use an all in one option that is much more than a just an all in one hosting solution. What is meant is use an online web development, hosting company that also gives you the knowledge and the tools to build your own profitable massage business website. They can build the first few pages with unique logo for you for a reasonable fee while helping you learn how to continue to work on your web site at your own pace. Remember, we said a successful website needs a minimum of 25 pages of quality content with a minimum of 600 words each.

Our first choice for building your own massage therapist website is Site Build IT. We will look at some other favorite low cost all in one hosting solutions below. SBI is the first choice for the massage therapist with little to no internet web development or internet marketing experience.

Why because SBI offers "a lot of help for a reasonable fee". Site Sell not only provides a user friendly site builder, but provides the free training via a written action guide, also available as videos you can watch at your own pace. In addition, they have live real time support for any and all questions you may have about how to proceed building your own therapist website. Webinars and open forums where your questions can be answered and other site owners can provide guidance from their own personal experiences building a profitable SBI
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We still do not, but we do deeply understand the draw their clean, responsive, and interactive templates can have on both the new website enthusiast and the seasoned professional. SBI for WordPress offered from Site Sell can help a new website developer truly become an online publisher with ease and effort. Make no mistake We recommend Site Sell because they deliver an online publishing education. With all education there is a learning curve and consistent study and effort required.

Our goal at has been to expand the world view of the positive benefits of touch and massage through body wise smart massage therapy. We formed as a supportive massage therapy instructor group many years ago. A core characteristic of individuals drawn to practice the ancient art of massage is a fundamental desire to give of the self and exchange the touch of life with others. Each practitioner of massage brings a unique view and talent in touch therapy to the

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