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What is the singular form of media?
The definition of culture is...
the way individuals and societies express their vaules and makes sense of daily life
What do print journalists believe they have over other journalists?
higher standards
What is Mass Media?
channels of communication to large numbers of people
What began mass production of media?
printing press
What shifted us from the print society to the information age?
Why was the telegraph important?
it paved the way for instant delivery of messages and helped make media information a commodity
What did traditional business leaders lose?
control over information
Not having to wait for a certain time to watch a television show is an example of what?
What is it called when one company buys another?
What is it an example of when we question if low media undermine democratic reasoning?
What is it called when we go down the media road less traveled?
What is the term for the blending of traditional media into a single digital format?
What is Web 2.0?
An internet that has become more interactive and collaborative. Users become creators.
Name four major internet companies discussed in the book.
aol, microsoft, yahoo, google
List info about Yahoo purpose
-started with making a directory
-had a good list of sites
List info about Microsoft's purpose
-ms internet explorer, operating system and web browser
List info about Google's purpose
-set up as a search engine
-users determine what comes up higher on the page
List info about AOL's purpose
-started off as a portal idea
-had to be on AOL to use all of its features
What is Moore's Law?
a computer chip power doubles every 18 months
What are the three typical stages in the development of mass medium?
1. Novelty or development
2. Entrepreneurial
3. Mass Medium
List at least four ways that the Internet is unique as a mass medium.
-breaks down boundaries
-no central authority
-theoretically limitless
-on-demand access
What was the intent of the Internet?
military communications
What are the two most common uses of the internet?
-instant messaging
What is binary/digital reproduction replacing?
traditional forms such as chemical-based film processing and tape-based audio recording
What is the purpose of fiber-optic-cable?
thin strands to replace bulky copper wire
Why is the Apple iphone such a big deal?
-redefines concept of a cell phone
-makes Apple the most powerful player in the music industry
-newest iphone has advertisers excited about the GPS-generated ads
What is the revolutionary spirit of the Internet?
-we expect the content to be free
-open source software is available
-wikipedia is largely updated and revised by volunteers
-good bloggers can be like editors
-social networking sites which are now part of hiring processes
How will the Internet fragment society?
-we only seek websites that mirror our own views and interests
-internet providers customize all content for individual consumers
What is digital divide?
rich have better access to information than poor
What is it when larger companies buy smaller companies and they merge together?
What is Globalization?
not an American market place anymore
What is it when there are not many moments when everyone is watching the same media product?