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To eliminate or adjust requirements or conditions to enable an individual to perform the essential duties of an activity or job.
A place where people live or want to live.
Affirmative Action
Discriminaition that is used to give advantages to certain groups who have been discriminated against in the past.
Bona fide Occupational Requirement
A form of necessary discrimination in certain employment schemes, as the qualification is necessary for the job to be as efficient as possible.
The individual or group of individuals forwarding an allegation of discrimination.
Bringing conflicting parties to a resolution of their differences/hostilities.
Constructive Discrimination
Inadvertent (or subtle) employment policies that exclude certain individuals, which results in unintentional discrimination.
Direct Discrimination
An overt act of discrimination against someone.
Making a marked distinction of someone, on other than individual merit, and treating them differently because of it. Usually tied in with prejudice and stereotyping.
An ease of doing something or accessing something, also buildings designated for public use.
The most serious or "grave" part of an accusation.
Chronically persistent annoying or negative behavior towards a person that violates his or her human rights.
Human Rights
Fundamental freedoms and rights that every individual should posses as part of being a human being, these Human Rights are meant to protect all from discrimination and harassment, and to have access to services, places and opportunities.
Human Rights Codes
A set of legal documents which are meant to protect people from prohibited discrimination, and uphold equal treatment for all individuals.
The process between of negotiation between differing parties, usually with a neutral third party which works to bring a compromise or settlement between both parties.
Poisoned Environment
An uncomfortable or disturbing atmosphere within which to work, created by negative comments or behaviour of others.
A (usually pre-conceived) dislike/hatred or judgement of someone which also completely disregards the rational facts surrounding them.
Prima Facie
Translation: "at first glance"; defined as something that is thought or assumed to be legally true or factually evident unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.
The party that responds to the appeal, usually also the organization or enterprise employer being sued in a legal action.
Sexual Harassment
Inappropriate, and unwelcome behavior by a co-worker or employer which happens persistently. E.g: Making lewd remarks about a co-workers figure is inappropriate and considered sexual harassment.
A form of preconceived discrimination, by grouping a certain race or individuals together and making an oversimplified judgement or forming an opinion on them without knowing anything about this group.
Undue Hardship
The legal term for an accommodation given to an employee which would cause or alter their employers/companies ability to make money or isn't considered viable with the resources available (appropriate) to provide. E.g: A small-time grocery store employer cannot be expected to pay for an elevator for one disabled employee.