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Acid base titration: what's in the burette?


Acid-base titration: which graphs have the flick?

Weak acid

What affects the redox potential for a transition metal ion changing from a higher to a lower oxidation state?


The ligand

Salt bridge salt

Saturated potassium nitrate

Test for sulfate ions

Add acidified barium chloride

White ppt of BaSO4

Haem is a ______ complex with a _______ ligand.

What is haemoglobin?

How does it work and what is the problem?



A nitrogen in a globin complex acts as a ligand with the iron.

Oxygen forms a coordinate bond to the iron (II) which allows it to be transported in the the blood. Bond is weak so oxygen can be given up to cells

CO replaces the oxygen as it's a better ligand. Bonds irreversibly so destroys the haemoglobin's oxygen-carrying capacity

Colour of solid sulfur


Hydrogen sulfide observation

Bad egg smell

HI observation

Steamy fumes

Iodine observation

Black solid

Sulfur dioxide colour


Bromine observation

Brown fumes

Method for silver nitrate test

Dilute nitric acid to remove soluble carbonate or hydroxide impurities

A few drops of silver nitrate solution

Alternative to direct chlorination of a swimming pool

Chlorine and cold, dilute NaOH

Tollens' Reagent formula

What is it reduced to?


Metallic silver