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HIN, shina
goods, refinement, quality, elegance, article

Think of a stack of boxes containing
MI, aji, aji(wau)
taste, flavor, to taste, experience, relish, appreciate

“Taste the FLAVOR of a young tree in your mouth.”
SEKI, SHAKU, mukashi
long ago, antiquity, in the paste, once upon a time

“LONG AGO, there was only the sun and the grass.”

“Keep a little eye on the PREFECTURE.”
clear, bright

“The sun SHINING on my sword is so BRIGHT it’ll make your mouth hang open.”
MEN, omote, omo, tsura
face, mask, surface, aspect
member, staff, personnel, employee, number

“An EMPLOYEE needs to be fed money.”
TAI, ma(tsu)
wait, to wait

“WAIT for me on the road by the temple.”
object, thing

“My cow I is the only THING I own.”
JI, mo(tsu/teru)
have, possess, have, own, hold

“The hands at the temple OWN everything.”
institution, public place, building

“The INSTITUTE is nothing more than a roof over the SOURCE from the hill.”
TEI, JOU, sada(ka), sada(meru)
definite, fixed, constant, determine, establish, decide, fix, certain

“Let it be DECIDED: build the roof over this place where I’ve FIXED my foot.”
SHI, yubi, sa(su)
finger, to point

“The monster’s hand has seven eyes on each FINGER.”
HA, nami

“WAVES on the water’s skin.”
KEN, to(gu)
research, polish, grind, hone, study, sharpen

“POLISH the stones into uniform shapes.”
CHUU, hashira
column, pole, pillar, post

“Use the master tree for a PILLAR.”
ocean, western, foreign, the West

“Sheep came across the OCEAN from the WEST.”
JOU, no(ru/seru)
ride, to ride, get on, take, board, mount, take aboard, give a ride

“Two monkeys RIDE in a tree.”
SOU, oku(ru)
send, transmit, to send

“Two sent from heaven.”
SHIN, JIN, kami, kan, kou

“Speak at the altar of the GODS.”
FU, ma(keru/kasu), o(u)
bear, carry, be defeated, be beaten, lose, reduce price, owe

“A bent, DEFEATED figure, having LOST everything, is reduced to begging for money.”
TAN, sumi
charcoal, coal, carbon

“CHARCOAL comes from the cliff under the fire mountain.”
JU, u(keru/karu)
receive, to receive, accept, pass an examination

“RECEIVE a crown held in two hands.”
rank, grade, class, position

“Reach out and exert yourself for the RANK so your black belt will be embroidered
with gold thread.”
SHO, tokoro

“This is the kind of PLACE where you have to knock down the door with an axe.”
YU, abura

“Drill in the center of the field, next to the water.”
CHUU, tsu(gu), soso(gu)
note, comment, to pour in, flow, concentrate

“The master CONCENTRATES on the FLOW of the POURING water and makes some NOTES.”
KEI, kaka(ru), kakari
affect, relate to, concern, duty, person in charge

“One person from a thread of leaders is the PERSON IN CHARGE, now on DUTY.”
SHA, mono

“An old PERSON sits atop the sun.”
SHU, to(ru/reru)
control, take, to take

“TAKE a person by the ear to CONTROL them.”
second (1/60 minute)

“Spend a little time in the young tree—just a few SECONDs.”
MEI, MYOU, inochi
command, order, fate, life

“One bent figure all alone with an open mouth under a roof COMMANDS your FATE.”
JUU, CHOU, omo(i), e, kasa(naru/neru)
heavy, serious, to be piled up, be on top of, pile things up

“Picture of a heavy vehicle seen from below after a pileup.”
guest, customer, passenger

“Every person under our roof is a guest.”
JITSU, mi, mino(ru)
real, actual, to bear fruit, fruit, nut

“The big samurai under the roof is ACTUALLY a REAL NUT.”
KYUU, iso(gu)
sudden, urgent, steep, to hurry

“Crouching man puts his hand over his heart and tells himself to HURRY.”
depart, emit, discharge, start, disclose, occur

“You don’t want to DISCHARGE a guy with two good hands and two good legs.”
BI, utsuku(shii)
beauty, beautiful

“The king’s sheep are big and BEAUTIFUL.”
HYOU, omote, arawa(reru/su)
table, chart, expression, list, surface, appear, show, reveal, express

“The TABLE was a LIST of samurai clothing.”
(Western) clothes, dress, dose

“Bent figure with one hand wears WESTERN CLOTHES for one month.”
HOU, hana(tsu/su/reru)
set free, release, to set free, fire (a gun), emit

“Person struck with a stick wants to be SET FREE.”
TSUI, o(u)
drive away, pursue, chase, to drive away

“Tell a person you’re DRIVING AWAY to move his ass.”
hata, hatake
cultivated field, farm

“Every year we clear the CULTIVATED FIELDS by burning them off.”
OKU, ya
shop, house, dealer, store, roof

“The little SHOP was a HOUSE with one room and one door.”
boundry, limit, world

“Man’s legs carried him from under his roof to his field – his entire WORLD.”
SHUU, JUU, hiro(u)
pick up, gather, to pick up, find, ten (as used in legal documents)

“Hand PICKS UP the TEN pieces of the LEGAL DOCUMENT and GATHERS them together.”
WA, O, nago(mu/yakana), yawa(rageru)
peace, harmony, Japan, to soften

“Mouth sings in HARMONY with the
wind in the young tree.”
HAN, BAN, ita
plank, board

“That tree yields only bent PLANKS and bent BOARDS.”
each other, reciprocal

"Both “wood” and “eye” can be read as “MOKU/BOKU”--they resemble EACH OTHER."
DO, TAKU, TO, tabi
measure, extent, degree, limit, time, occasion

“Twenty-one hands in the building is a MEASURE of the LIMITS they would go to on that OCCASION.”
KA, ni, hasu, ri
cargo, baggage, load

“Sir, what kind of plant is this in your LUGGAGE?”
MON, ton, to(u), to(i)
problem, question

“Mouths at the gate are a PROBLEM.”
SHOU, akina(u)
merchant, trade, to sell

“Stand behind the SALES counter and make a DEAL with the mouths who walk in on legs”
SHUKU, yado, yado(ru/su)
inn, lodging, to take shelter

“At the INN, there’s a hundred people under one roof.”
SHUU, nara(u)
learning, to learn

“LEARNING lets us soar on white wings.”
SHIN, ma, ma-, makoto
pure, true, genuine

“The Ten Tools of TRUTH”
KYUU, GUU, KU, miya
shrine, palace, prince

“The PRINCE lives in a PALACE SHRINE consisting of
joined rooms under a single roof.”
SHUU, o(waru/eru)
finish, end, final, to end

“The thread comes to an END in winter.”
SHU, sake, saka
sake, alcohol

“That’s not water in the Western wine jar—it’s SAKE.”
SOKU, haya(i)(meru), sumi(yaka)
fast, prompt

“Move these bundles FAST!”
KAI, hira(ku/ki/keru), a(ku/keru)
development, opening, to open

“It takes two hands to OPEN the gate.”
CHOU, tobari
notebook, register

“No NOTEBOOK in those days, just long pieces of cloth.”
SAI, matsu(ru)(ri)
worship, to worship, festival

“During the FESTIVAL of WORSHIP, hands put meat on the altar.”
chapter, badge, mark

“The guys with the BADGE stand up early.”
TO, TSU, miyako
capital (city)

“The people from the village live in the CAPITAL.”
KEI, karu(i), karo(yaka)

“A hand lifts a LIGHT vehicle off the ground.”
HAI, kuba(ru)
distribute, pass out

“PASS OUT the sake—starting with myself!”
SHO, atsu(i)
hot (weather), warm

“Sun shines down on a WARM person”
KOU, minato
harbor, port

“People from the village gather together at the HARBOR”
KI, o(kiru/koru/kosu), tatsu
rouse, wake up, get up

“WAKE UP, get your ass OUT OF BED and run.”
ON, atata(kai/ka)(maru/meru)
heat, warm up

“A bowl of water in the sun gets WARMed up.”
BYOU, HEI, yamai, ya(mu/meru)
sick, fall ill, to get sick

“Keep a SICK person indoors in a special hut with two thingies (shingles?) on the wall.”
DOU, ugo(ku/kasu)
move, to move

“It takes power to MOVE the heavy object”
KAN, samu(i), sa, san
coldness, cold, chilly

“There’s a roof over the well with six pieces of ice in it,
during the COLD, MIDWINTER season.”
SHUU, atsu(maru/meru), tsudo(u)
collection, to congregate

“Birds GATHER in a tree”
IN, ON, no(mu)
drink, to drink

“When you LACK food, there’s nothing to do but drink”
KO, KU, kura
storehouse, warehouse

“The building where we keep the car is a STOREHOUSE.”
SHIN, fuka(i)(meru/maru), haka(maru/meru)
deep, deepen, intensify

“The water is DEEP in the hole, and the tree’s roots go just as DEEP”
SOKU, iki
son, breath, respiration

“My SON and my BREATH are both from my own heart.”
SHIN, susu(mu/meru)
advance, progress, to advance

“The birds in movement ADVANCE.”
SHI, ha, yowa(i)
tooth, cog

“Rice in the mouth stops the TOOTH”
RYO, tabi
trip, travel, journey

“When you’re TRAVELing, you need your clothes to move in the same direction.”
RYUU, RU, naga(reru/su)
current, -style, to flow/pour

“The child watches the water FLOW down in the river”
KO, mizuumi, umi, mi

“The moon reflects from the water of the old LAKE.”
BAI, be, masu
twice, double, times

“The person stands TWICE with his mouth open.”
BEN, tsuto(meru), hiko, yatsu
diligence, to work hard

“It takes hard WORK to avoid making an EFFORT.”
KAI, kizahashi, shina, to, hashi
story, level, stair

“Seven STAIRS up the white hill”
TEKI, fue, u
whistle, flute

“Bamboo cut with logic makes a FLUTE.”
AKU, O, waru(i), a(shi), niku(i), aa, izukuni
evil, vice, bad

“Ugly feelings are EVIL.”
KON, ne
root, base, origin

“The ROOT of this tree is good food when you’re not under a roof.”
time, period, term

“PERIOD of months between winnowings/harvests.:
KYUU, tama, ki
sphere, ball, globe

“Seeking for a SPHERICAL jewel.”
TEI, niwa, ba
garden, yard

“Palace courtyard is a fine GARDEN.”
SHOU, ke(su), ki(eru)
extinguish, erase, to turn off

“The light of the little moon is EXTINGUISHed in the water.”
BU, tori, fu, pe, ma
part, department, section

“The DEPARTMENT entrance stands
at entrance to the village.”
number (1,2,etc), order

“Litte brother wears two sticks of bamboo, indicating he’s NUMBER two.”
ZOKU, tsugi
family, tribe, gang

“People in the same TRIBE or CLAN all sharpen their arrows the same way.”
TEN, koro(bu/garu/geru), maro(bu), utsu(ru)
roll, to fall down

“The car ROLLS and TUMBLES in a cloud of smoke”
UN, hako(bu)
fate, luck, to carry, transport

“An army’s FATE is linked to it’s movement and TRANSPORT.”
TOU, shima

“The birds gather on the mountain on the ISLAND.”
YAKU; kusuri
medicine; chemical; benefit

“Pleasant plants make good MEDICINE.”
SHI; uta
poem; poetry

“In the temple, words are POETRY.”
AN; kurai
dark; darkness; disappear; shade; informal; blinded

“Sounds in the DARK make you want the sun.”
TOU; hito(shii)
class; grade; equality; similar; etc; and so forth

“The two bamboo shoots above the temple are EQUAL and of the same CLASS.”
YOU; ha; yo; wa
foliage; leaf; plane; lobe; spear; number of flat things

“The tree LEAFS out during the planting age (spring)”
TOU; yu
hot water; bath; hot spring

“WATER in the sun gets HOT enough for the BATH”
CHOU; shira(beru); totono(u/eru)
investigate; check; tune; key(music); writing style

“Start INVESTIGATing by passing the word around”
conversation; talk; discussion

“Our CONVERSATION was lively enough to light TWO fires”
TETSU; kurogane
iron; steel

“IRON is arrow-metal”
good fortune; blessing

“Go through the field, pass through the single entrance,
and worship at the altar for good FORTUNE.”
TOU; TO; SHOU; CHOU; nobo(ru); a(garu); noboshi; nori
climb; ascend; to climb

“The monkey uses its hands and feet to CLIMB out of the bean jar.”
KAN; han
Chinese; China; Sino-; man; fellow

“The first men ate grass by the river in CHINA”
HITSU; fude; kushi
writing brush; writing; handwriting

“The BRUSH in the hand has two bamboo handles”
OO; yoko
side; sideways; horizontal; woof

“One SIDE of the tree is yellow.”
SOU; SO; omo(u)
thought; idea; concept; think

“My inner eye watches an IDEA sprout in my heart”
RO; -ji; michi
road; street; route; distance

“Each foot walks the ROAD.”
BI; hana

“My NOSE is the most prominent part of myself”
GOU; GYOU; waza
business; trade; industry; vocation

Picture of a slotted musical instrument.
box; bin; case; chest; railway car

“He kept his eye in a wooden BOX
with two bamboo handles”
YOU; hi
male; positive; sun

“I’m positive the SUN will rise over that hill”
RYOKU; ROKU; midori

“GREEN threads are woven through the waterbasket”
RAKU; o(chiru/tosu)
falling; dropping; to fall; come down

“Water DROPS from every plant”
CHAKU; JAKU; ki(ru/seru); tsu(ku/keru); -gi
arrival; arrive; clothing; to wear; counter for suits of clothing

“The sheep ARRIVE and line up under my watchful eye”
TAN; mijika(i)
shortness; brevity; short; fault; defect; weak point

“SHORT arrows tipped with beans”
I; moto; yoshi
will; mind; heart; idea; thought; taste; desire

“The MIND and WILL are the sounds made by the heart.”
KAN; yakata; tate; tachi
(large) building; hall; palace

“The officials eat in the LARGE BUILDING’S dining HALL.”
SHOKU; u(eru/waru); ue; ge
plant; to plant; sow

“PLANT the trees straight”
topic; subject; theme; title

“Start the day with correct SUBJECT in your head”
GIN; shirogane; kana; kane

“SILVER is a good metal”
KYOU; hashi; base

“A tall wooden BRIDGE with arches”
DOU; warabe; pa
child; juvenile

“A CHILD stands in the middle of the village”
KAN; kan(jiru)
feeling; sensation; to feel

“The FEELING was a SENSATION like a halberd through the mouth into the heart”
SEI; totono(eru/u); hitoshi
arranging; to put in order; key (music)

“My hand ARRANGEd the bundles in the correct ORDER”
REN; ne(ru/ri)
polishing up; to knead; to train; to practice

“In the East, PRACTICE is the thread that polishes”

“A person with a pack parks his horse at the STATION”
YOU; SHOU; sama
way; manner; method

“Kanji is LIKEKNESS of a sheep watering a tree—not much for STYLE.”
NOU; na; no; mi
agriculture; farmers

“FARMER keeps his clothes in the
shed and sings the blues.”
YUU; YU; aso(bu)
play; be idle; enjoy

“Children PLAY at moving person’s side.”
HI; kana(shii/shimu)
sad; regret; be sad; jail cell

“SADNESS is the opposite of the feeling you want.”
SHOU; ka(tsu); ma(saru); sugu(reru)
victory; to win; prevail; excel

“What do you WIN? Why, a ticket to the moon!”
SHI; samurai
man; gentleman; warrior
KETSU; ka(ku/keru)
lack; to lack; gap; fail; chip

“Picture of a person’s gaping mouth—LACKS teeth.”
SHI; uji
Mr.; clan; language
not; un-; anti-; in- ; negative; bad; clumsy
FUU; FU; BU; otto; so(re)
husband; man

“Her HUSBAND was the big guy in the hat.”
I; mot(te); mochi
with; by; because of; in view of; by means of

“Man controls the plow WITH a stick BY steering with it.”
KA; kuwa(eru/waru)
add; apply; to add; increase; join; Canada

“Using the power of word of mouth, more will JOIN and INCREASE our numbers.”
KOU; KU; isa; katsu
merit; success; achievement; honor

“The power to build something is what’s most SUCCESSFUL and MERITORIOUS.”
SATSU; fuda
bill; ticket; label; paper money; no of bonds

“Person prays that MONEY will grow on the tree.”
SHI; akira
history; chronicle

“HISTORY is an oral chronicle
of the act of the hands of men.”
orders; ancient laws; command; decree

“Person under roof kneels before the LAW.”
SHITSU; ushina(u)
lose; error; fault; disadvantage; loss

“Man about to lose a baton”
FU; tsu(keru/ku/ke)
adhere; attach; refer to; append
HEN; be; ata(ri); hoto(ri)
environs; boundary; border; vicinity; (kokuji)

“A moving sword cuts through the BOUNDARY of the NEIGHBORHOOD.”
MIN; tami
people; nation; subjects
SHI; tsukasado(ru)
director; official; govt office; rule; administer
HOO; tsutsu(mu); kuru(mu)
wrap; pack up; cover; conceal

“A serpent-like embryo ENVELOPED in the womb”
HITSU; kanara(zu)
invariably; certain; inevitable

“A spear through the heart is CERTAIN death”
not yet; end; close; tip; powder; posterity
MI; BI; ma(da); ima(da); hitsuji
un-; not yet; hitherto; still; even now
KOKU; tsu(geru)
revelation; tell; inform; announce
CHOU; kiza(su); kiza(shi)
portent; 10**12; trillion; sign; omen; symptoms

“Two cracked turtle shells show a TRILLION of the SIGNS.”
KA; ha(tasu/teru); ha(te)
- fruit; reward; carry out; achieve; complete; end; finish; succeed

“FRUIT is to the tree as rice is to the paddy”
RYOU; yo(i); i(i)
good; pleasing; skilled
KYOU; tomo; tomo(ni); -do(mo)
together; both; neither; all; and; alike; with

“Two hands TOGETHER hold up a plant”
SOU; araso(u); ika(deka)
contend; dispute; argue

“Bent over, but still STRUGGLEs with stick in hand”
SEI; JOU; na(ru/su)
turn into; become; get; grow; elapse; reach

“BECOME exact after trimming with halberd blade”
CHUU; naka
go-between; relationshi
DEN; TEN; tsuta(eru/waru/u)
transmit; go along; walk along; follow; report; communicate; legend; tradition
RI; kiku
profit; advantage; benefit
EI; hanabusa
England; English
lumber; log; timber; wood; talent

“Trees provide the LUMBER to build the dam”
JI; NI; GEI; ko; -kko
newborn babe; child; young of animals
SETSU; ori; o(ru/reru)
fold; break; fracture; bend; yield; submit
SHO; hatsu; ui; haji(me/mete); -so(meru)
first time; beginning

“Clothes must first be CUT before you
WEAR them the first time ”
SOKU; taba; taba(neru); tsuka; tsuka(neru)
bundle; sheaf; ream; tie in bundles; govern; manage; control
retainer; subject

Big eye with exaggerated pupil: “Watchful RETAINER keeps an eye out”
IN; shirushi; -jirushi; shiru(su)
stamp; seal; mark; imprint; symbol; emblem; trademark; evidence; souvenir; India
KAKU; onoono
each; every; either
I; E; koromo; kinu; -gi
garment; clothes; dressing

“Man with shoe, hat and sleeve has a complete
set of CLOTHING. Radical appears as in 初”
KOU; kono(mu); su(ku); yo(i); i(i)
fond; pleasing; like something

“Woman LIKES child”
TOU; hi; ha- tomoshibi; tomo(su); akari
lamp; a light; light; no. of lights
KYUU; moto(meru)
request; want; wish for; require; demand
I; kako(mu/u/i)
surround; besiege; store; paling; enclosure; encircle; preserve; kee
KAI; arata(meru/maru)
reformation; change; modify; mend; renew; examine; inspect; search
GA; me
bud; sprout; spear; germ
REI; i(eru/yasu); tsume(tai); hi(eru/ya); hi(yayaka); hi(yakasu)
cool; cold (beer; person); chill

“Ice rules in the freezing COLD.”
perfect; completion; end

“A roof over the source COMPLETES the project”
bureaucrat; the government
TEI; hiku(i/meru/maru)
lower; short; humble
GEI; UN; u(eru); nori; waza
technique; art; craft; performance; acting; trick; stunt
KYUU; na(ku)
cry; weep; moan
KI; KE; mare
hope; beg; request; pray; beseech; Greece; dilute (acid); rare; few; phenomenal
ROU; o(iru); fu(keru)
old man; old age; grow old

“OLD, AGED man enters the earth after seven decades. ”
DO; tsuto(meru)
toil; diligent; as much as possible
ROU; rou(suru); itawa(ru/zaki); tsuka(reru)
labor; thank for; reward for; toil; trouble
I; kurai; gurai
rank; grade; throne; crown; about; some
soldier; private; troops; army; warfare; strategy; tactics
BETSU; waka(reru)
separate; branch off; diverge; fork; another; extra; specially