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KO; kata(meru/maru/mari); kata(i)
harden; set; clot; curdle

“SOLID old enclosure.”
co-; cooperation

“COOPERATION gives one ten times the power of three.”
code; ceremony; law; rule

“LAW books piled on a table” ALT: “Bend six RULES”
poison; virus; venom; germ; harm; injury; spite

“Mother of all POISON plants.”
SOTSU; SHUTSU; sos(suru); o(eru/waru)
graduate; soldier; private; die

“Twenty SOLDIERS wearing covers GRADUATE to become
Marines before they DIE..”
wish; sense; idea; thought; feeling; desire; attention

“Get an IDEA by putting your HEART in the Now”
JI; CHI; osa(meru/maru); nao(ru/su)
reign; be at peace; calm down; subdue; quell; govt; cure; heal; rule; conserve

“Great HEALers and great RULErs stand against the tide
and work for PEACE.”
BOKU; machi
breed; care for; shepherd; feed; pasture

“Herd cows with a stick into PASTURE”
SOU; kura
godown; warehouse; storehouse; cellar; treasury

“The WAREHOUSE has a roof and door over the entrance”
TEI; soko
bottom; sole; depth; bottom price; base; kind; sort

“Building at BOTTOM of a hill”
HOU; HAT-; HOT-; FU; RAN; nori
method; law; rule; principle; model; system

“The LAW says leave the water”
REI; tato(eru/eba)
example; custom; usage; precedent

“By CUSTOM, people LINE up by PRECEDENT”
stomach; paunch; crop; craw

“When you work in the fields, you need meat
in your STOMACH.”
EI; YOU; saka(eru); ha(e/eru); -ba(e); e
flourish; prosperity; honor; glory; splendor

an ornate, SHINING roof”
SHUU; mawari
circumference; circuit; lap

of the earth”
KEI; michi; komichi
diameter; path; method

“The hand goes DIRECTly through the earth
(to trace) the DIAMATER”
TEKI; mato
bull's eye; mark; target; object; adjective ending

“Scoop out the white part of the TARGET”
SATSU; su(ru); -zu(ri); ha(ku)
printing; print

“A noren is a “door” of cut, PRINTED cloth”
SAN; SHIN; mai(ru); majiwaru; mitsu
nonplussed; three; going; coming; visiting; visit; be defeated; die; be madly in love

“I CAME to VISIT the three big nose hairs and fell IN LOVE”
SHOU; matsu
pine tree

“Pine is a PUBLIC tree”
ZAN; SAN; noko(ru/su); noko(ri)
remainder; leftover; balance

stuff under the roof.”
plan; suggestion; draft; ponder; fear; proposition; idea; expectation; bill; worry

“Put your PLAN for peace on the wood TABLE.”
SHAKU; ka(riru)
borrow; rent

“In the past, you could RENT people.”
army; force; troops; war; battle

“An ARMY uses covered (armored) vehicles”
KEN; KON; ta(teru/te/tsu)

“A MOVING brush is held ERECT to BUILD a character.”
faith; truth; fidelity; trust

“You have to have FAITH and TRUST in a man’s WORDS.”
KUN; KIN; oshi(eru); yo(mu); kun(zuru)
instruction; Japanese character reading; explanation; read

“The PRECEPTS are words that flow like a river”
KOU; sourou
climate; season; weather

“A person uses a ladder to go up on roof and mount an
arrow WEATHERvane.”
navigate; sail; cruise; fly

“NAVIGATION makes the ship go straight”
SEN; asa(i)
shallow; superficial; frivolous; wretched; shameful

“Cut through SHALLOW water with two halberds””
yesterday; previous

“The PAST is made of PREVIOUS days”
SHUKU; SHUU; iwa(u)
celebrate; congratulate

“Elder brother CELEBRATES at the altar”
SHOU; wara(u); e(mu)

“Big person with bowed head LAUGHING in the bamboo”
seat; mat; occasion; place

“Building with twenty-one cloth SEATS”
chronicle; account; narrative; history; annals; geologic period

“A HISTORY follows the twisting threads of the
NARRATIVE from beginnin to end”
SA; sa(su/shi)
distinction; difference; variation; discrepancy; margin; balance

“Sheep on the left is DIFFERENT—it’s holding an umbrella”
YUU; isa(mu)
courage; cheer up; be in high spirits; bravery; heroism

“Sometimes it takes more COURAGE for a man to bend”
HEN; ka(waru/wari); ka(eru)
unusual; change; strange

“The striking hand in red brings CHANGE and STRANGEness.”
SEI; SHOU; kaeri(miru); habu(ku)
focus; government ministry; conserve

YOU; i(ru); kaname
need; main point; essence; pivot; key to

“In the west, women are ESSENTIAL.”
SATSU; SAI; SETSU; koro(su); -goro(shi); so(gu)
kill; murder; butcher; slice off; split; diminish; reduce; spoil

“Strike and KILL with a wooden cross”
BEN; BIN; tayo(ri)

“Changing the MAILman is CONVENIENT.”
promise; approximately; shrink

“He strings you along by scooping out PROMISEs.”
harm; injury

“Covering the mouth smothers out the life and
causes HARM and DAMAGE”
TAN; hitoe
simple; one; single; merely

“Go to WAR with a simple halberd.”
KEI; kata; -gata
mould; type; model

“A KATA is a frame traced out on the ground in a
particular FORM.”
KYO; a(geru/garu); kozo(ru)
raise; plan; project; behavior; actions

“OFFERS the laden tray by RAISING it
with hands TOGETHER.”
HI; to(bu); to(basu)
fly; skip (pages); scatter

“The wizard grows wings to FLY away”
borough; urban prefecture; govt office; representative body; storehouse

“Building attached to the GOVERNMENT is an OFFICE
county; district

“You govern the COUNTY/DISTRICT from the village”
SHOU; tona(eru)
chant; recite; call upon; yell

“Priest’s mouth RECITEs brilliant CHANTS for two days”
TAI; o(biru); obi
sash; belt; obi; zone; region

“The kami with the crown wrapped a
cloth BELT around the mountain”
KAI; kase
contraption; fetter; machine; instrument

“A MACINE of twenty halberds cuts down trees”
GAI; KAI; machi
boulevard; street; town

“Go by way of the raised earth BOULEVARD
that goes right between”
SOKU; kawa; gawa; soba
side; lean; oppose; regret

“Stay at the SIDE of a model person, LEAN on
him if you have to.”
TEI; to(meru); to(maru)
halt; stopping

“People STOP at the inn called the Tall Nail”

“The temple cow is a SPECIAL cow, so
don’t make sukiyaki out of it.”
KEN; suko(yaka)
healthy; health; strength; persistence

“A STRONG, HEALTHY person stands erect.”
REN; tsura(naru/neru); tsu(re/reru)
take along; lead; join; connect; party; gang; clique

“ACOMPANY me and my GANG in our moving vehicle.”
public chamber; hall

“Face the tall PUBLIC HALL on the hill
with smoke coming out.”
KYUU; suku(u)
salvation; save; help; rescue; reclaim

“Hit with a stick, one requests RESCUE and SALVATION”
SEI; SHOU; SHIN; kiyo(i); kiyo(maru/meru)
pure; purify; cleanse; exorcise; Manchu dynasty

“As PURE and CLEANSING as blue water”
ease; peace

“At PEACE in the building, hand dips teabag in water”
MYAKU; suji
vein; pulse; hope

“PULSING VEINS are tributaries of the flesh.”
BAI; ume

“If only every tree could be a PLUM tree”
TOKU; e(ru); u(ru)
gain; get; find; earn; acquire; can; may; able to; profit; advantage; benefit

“POTENTIAL GAIN in movement in one day’s PROFIT.”
HAI; yabu(reru)
failure; defeat; reversal

“DEFEATed and beaten, turn over all the money”
YOKU; a(biru); a(biseru)
bathe; be favored with; bask in

“Valley water is FAVORED for BATHing.”
FUN; ko; kona
flour; powder; dust

“Divide rice finely enough, and you’ll get FLOUR and DUST.”
ballot; label; ticket; sign

“In the West, BALLOTS show the way.”
fee; materials

“Pay the FEE in measured rice”
SAI; na
vegetable; side dish; greens

“Hands plant VEGETABLES between the
grass and the trees”
SAN; u(mu); u(mareru); ubu-; mu(su)
products; bear; give birth; yield; childbirth; native; property

“She stood on the hill and gave BIRTH to new life”
SON; mago
grandchild; descendants

“My GRANDCHILD is a child of my lineage.”
FUKU; so(u)
vice-; duplicate; copy

“DEUPUTY, the VICE-sherrif, was cut down
at single entrace to field.”
SOU; su; su(kuu)
nest; rookery; hive; cobweb; den

“NEST of sticks in a fruit tree.”
freight; goods; property

“The PROPERTY of seven men—a lot of clams!”
TO; itazura; mada
junior; emptiness; vanity; futility; uselessness; ephemeral thing; gang; set; party; people

“JUNIOR goes running off with a GANG – it’s FUTILE.”

“My LAND is already piled up into a hill”
BOU; MOU; nozo(mu); machi
ambition; full moon; hope; desire; aspire to; expect

“An AMBITIOUS king, full of HOPE watches the FULL MOON.”
scenery; view

“A great VIEW of the sun over the SCENERY-filled capital”
KETSU; KECHI; musu(bu); yu(u); u(waeru)
tie; bind; contract; join; organize; do up hair; fasten

“A samurai TIED UP with his mouth open.”
regiment; party; company; squad

“A PLATOON of pigs spreads out from the hill”
SHOU; ZOU; katado(ru)
elephant; pattern after; imitate; image; shape; sign (of the times)

“Think of a big pig with two ears and trunk on top”
ZEN; NEN; shika; shika(ri/shi); sa
sort of thing; so; if so; in that case; well

“IN THAT CASE, cook some dog meat.”
KI; yoroko(ru/bu/basu)
rejoice; take pleasure in

“Pot of beans at mouth makes samurai happy—he
KYUU; tama(u); tamo(u)
salary; wage; gift; allow; grant; bestow on

“SUPPLY and SALARY is what ties all the threads together.”
MU; BU; na(i)
nothingness; none; ain't; nothing; nil; not

“Person on pyre of of bound wheat until NOTHING left.”
SHOU; ya(ku); ya(ki); ya(keru)
bake; burning

“BAKE 31 legs by a BURNING fire”
KYOKU; GOKU; kiwa(meru/maru); kiwa(mari); kiwa(mi)
poles; settlement; conclusion; end; highest rank; electric poles; very; extremely; most; highly; 10**48

“EXTREME hand pushes person between
two wooden POLES into an opening.”
KAKU; obo(eru); sa(masu/meru); sato(ru)
memorize; learn; remember; awake; sober up

“MEMORIZE what you see beneath the ornate roof”
TATSU; DA; -tachi
accomplished; reach; arrive; attain

“Moving toward your ACCOMPLISHMENT is
one kind of happiness”
CHO; ta(meru); takuwa(eru)
savings; store; lay in; keep; wear mustache

“STORE money under nailed-down roof tiles”
Dr.; command; esteem; win acclaim; Ph.D.; exposition; fair

“Ten ESTEEMED PHDs to measure ten exclusive fields
HAN; meshi
meal; boiled rice

“Food + phonetic HAN”
SAI; SHU; motto(o); tsuma
utmost; most; extreme

“Reach to the EXTREME and take the sun”
HI; tsui(yasu); tsui(eru)
expense; cost; spend; consume; waste

“It’s a WASTE to SPEND your clams on your little brother”
SAN; chi(ru); chi(rasu/rakasu); chi(rakaru)
scatter; disperse; spend; squander

“Man with stick SCATTERS grass under single moon”
obey; order; turn; right; docility; occasion

“When you’re up to your neck in the river,
you should OBEY orders.”
MAN; BAN; mi(chiru); mi(tsu); mi(tasu)
full; enough; pride; satisfy

“An AMBITIOUS king, full of HOPE watches the FULL MOON.”
AI; ito(shii)
love; affection; favourite

“If you don’t uncover your heart, you’ll never make
any progress with LOVE.”
ATSU; he(su)
pressure; push; overwhelm; oppress; dominate

“The soil under the cliff is under
overwhelming PRESSURE.”
EI; naga(i)
eternity; long; lengthy

“The jewel is like a piece of ice that lasts an ETERNITY.”
EN; shio

“Man with open mouth puts Earth SALT on his dish”
hundred million; 10**8

“A person can have a HUNDRED MILLION thoughts.”
KA; -be(ki); -be(shi)
can; passable; mustn't; should not; do not

“Say exactly what one CAN and CANNOT do.”
chapter; lesson; section; department; division; counter for chapters (of a book)

“The CHAPTERS contain fruitful words.”
publish; carve; engrave

“ENGRAVE the PUBLISHING plates with a dry knife.”
KAN; kuda
pipe; tube; wind instrument; drunken talk

“Sit your but on the toilet lid that leads to the bamboo PIPES.”
KAN; mi(ru)
outlook; look; appearance; condition; view

“VIEW the APPEARANCE of a crested bird”
KAN; seki; kaka(waru)
connection; barrier; gateway; involve; concerning

“Heaven’s gates are a CONNECTION
for some, a BARRIER for others.”
GAN; nega(u);-negai
petition; request; vow; wish; hope

“A WISH has its origings in the head”
KI; utsuwa
utensil; vessel; receptacle; implement; instrument; ability; container; tool; set

“Four mouths eat dog meat from four RECEPTICALS.”
KI; hata
national flag; banner; standard

“FLAG is a tool to show which side a person is on.”
KI; hata
mechanism; opportunity; occasion; machine; airplane

“Person uses a wooden halberd as a LOOM to
MACHINE the threads.”
deliberation; consultation; debate; consideration

“After a lot of talking and DEBATING,
the sheep were slaughtered.”
KYUU; KU; hisa(shii)
long time; old story

“A LONG TIME ago, the kana ku had an extra mark.”
KYUU; KU; furu(i)
old times; old things; old friend; former; ex-

“One day, during the OLD TIME….”
GYO; RYOU; asa(ru)
fishing; fishery

“Go to the water and do some FISHING.”
KYOU; KEI; kiso(u); se(ru)
emulate; compete with; bid; sell at auction; bout; contest; race

“Two brothers stand up to COMPETE with each other.”
KYOU; kagami
mirror; speculum; barrel-head; round rice-cake offering

“Stand up and look in the gold MIRROR.”
phrase; clause; sentence; passage; paragraph; counter for haiku

“Mouth wraps itself around a CLAUSE.”
verification; effect; testing

“One brother stands under a roof to TEST
the horse to VERIFY its pedigree.”
guess; presume; surmise; judge; understand

“You may think you’re worshipping with faith
under the church roof,
but you’re really just GUESSING and PRESUMING”
SHI; sasa(eru); tsuka(eru); ka(u)
branch; support; sustain

“Hand SUPPORTS a cross-shaped BRANCH.”
SHI; kokoro(miru); tame(su)
test; try; attempt; experiment; ordeal

“TEST is an ATTEMPT to see whether you know
the words of the ceremony.”
JI; ya(meru)
resign; word; term; expression

“Sharp-tongued RESIGNATION.”
SHU; tane; -gusa
species; kind; class; variety; seed

“This SPECIES of rice plant makes heavy seeds.”
SHOU; te(ru); te(rasu); te(reru)
illuminate; shine; compare; bashful

SHOU; ho(meru)
prize; reward; praise

“PRAISE employees beneath the ornate roof.”
SEI; JOU; shizu(ka); shizu(maru/meru)

“Soothing blue color QUIETs the conflict.”
SEKI; tsu(mu); tsu(moru/mori)
volume; product (x*y); acreage; contents; pile up; stack; load; amass

“Who gets the blame for STACKing the rice plants?”
SESTU; SECHI; fushi; -bushi; notto
node; season; period; occasion; verse; clause; stanza; honor; joint; knuckle; knob; knot; tune; melody

“JOINTS of bamboo are NODES in orderly succession,
like the STANZAS of a TUNE.”
SETSU; ZEI; to(ku)
rumor; opinion; theory

My big brother is a martian, and his
words EXPLAIN everything.
SEN; ikusa; tataka(u); onono(ku); soyogu; wanana(ku)
war; battle; match

“Go to WAR with a simple halberd.”
SEN; era(bu)
elect; select; choose; prefer

“Show your SELECTION by twisting two
moving threads together.”
ZOKU; tsudu(ku); tsudu(keru); tsugu(nai)
continue; series; sequel

“CONTINUE to sell a series of threads ”
CHI; o(ku); -o(ki)
placement; put; set; deposit; leave behind; keep; employ; pawn

“PUT a net directly in the path.”
CHOU; harawata
intestines; guts; bowels; viscera

“Fleshy INTESTINES exposed to the rising sun.”
DOU; hatara(ku)

“Person WORKS by using power to move heavy stuff.”
NETSU; atsu(i)
heat; temperature; fever; mania; passion

“Fire around a mound of earth generates great HEAT.”
HI; kura(beru)
compare; race; ratio; Phillipines

“COMPARE two persons from the PHILLIPINES side by side.”
signpost; seal; mark; stamp; imprint; symbol; emblem; trademark; evidence; souvenir; target

“Tree with the MARK is a SIGNPOST
showing the direction WEST.”
BUTSU; FUTSU; hotoke
Buddha; the dead; France

“The BUDDHA was a person from FRANCE,
and had a French nose.”
YOU; yashina(u)
foster; bring up; rear; develop; nurture

RYOU; haka(ru)
quantity; measure; weight; amount

“Village gets measured quantity for one day.”
RIN; wa
wheel; ring; circle; link; loop; counter for wheels and flowers

“Neat arrangement of WHEELS in a CIRCLE.”
RUI; tagu(i)
sort; kind; variety; class; genus

“This GENUS of rice is the VARIETY that has kernels
so big they stick in you neck.”
curriculum; continuation; passage of time

“Trees on the cliff stop the CONTINUATION of erosion
over the PASSAGE OF TIME.”

“RECORD on green metal.”
EKI; I; yasa(shii); yasu(i)
easy; fortune-telling; ready to; simple; divination

“The sun’s legs make it EASY to DIVINE the meaning.”
IN; yo(ru)
cause; factor; be associated with; depend on; be limited to

“The enclosed man is a shut-in BECAUSE he’s so big,
which makes him DEPEND ON others.”
OU; yu(ku) i(nasu)
journey; chase away; let go; going; travel

“Master GOES on a JOURNEY.”
OU; YOU; -NOU; machi(ni); kota(eru)
apply; answer; yes; OK; reply; accept

“I ANSWERed YES to shelter his feelings.”
KA; KE; kari
sham; temporary; interim; assumed (name); informal

KA; KE; atai
value; price

“What is the VALUE of a person from the West?”
KA; kawa

“Water can form a RIVER.”
KAI; kokoroyo(i)
cheerful; pleasant; agreeable; comfortable

“I decided to have only CHEERFUL, PLEASANT,
feelings in my heart.”
GI; waza
skill; art; craft; ability; feat; performance; vocation; arts

“This technique is a waza that allows you
to support with a single hand.”
GYAKU; GEKI; saka; saka(sa); saka(rau)
inverted; reverse; opposite; wicked

“Big upside-down man moves in reverse.”
KYO; i(ru); -i
reside; to be; exist; live with

“Bent-over person’s EXISTENCE
is about LIVING WITH old things.”
KIN; nara(su)
level; average

“On AVERAGE, the earth in the ladel is LEVEL.”
KEN; kudan
affair; case; matter; item

“A man having an AFFAIR with a cow
is an important MATTER.”

“Cut a rice roll—there’s the TICKET.”
GEN; kagi(ru); kagi(ri)
limit; restrict; to best of ability

“A good village will have LIMITS
and RESTRICTIONS on growth.”
KO; yue
happenstance; especially; intentionally; reason; cause; circumstances; the late; therefore; consequently

“Justby HAPPENSTANCE, I met a guy with
an ESPECIALLY old stick in his hand.”
KOU; ki(ku); kikime
merit; efficacy; efficiency; benefit

“A power mixer is more efficient.”
KOU; atsu(i); aka
thick; heavy; rich; kind; cordial; brazen; shameless

“KIND but “thick” kid plays daily by the cliff.”

“Furthermore, we should INVESTIGATE
the cairn under the tree.”
SAI; SA; futata(bi)
again; twice; second time

“Add one more basket a SECOND TIME.”
SAI; tsuma
wife; spouse

“Woman who holds a broom is a WIFE.”
SAI; wazawa(i)
disaster; calamity; woe; curse; evil

“Flood and fire are DISASTERS full of EVIL.”
ZAI; a(ru)
exist; outskirts; suburbs; located in

“An earthen dam EXISTS on the OUTSKIRTS,
SHI; kokoroza(su); kokorozashi
intention; plan; resolve; aspire; motive; hopes; shilling

“In his heart, he aspires to be a Samurai.”
SHI; eda
bough; branch; twig; limb

“A tree supports – and is supported by – its branches.”
JI; ni(ru); hi(ru)
becoming; resemble; counterfeit; imitate; suitable

“That person RESEMBES him because
JI; SHI; shime(su)
show; indicate; point out; express; display

“Blood from the altar SHOWS our devotion.”
SHA; SEKI; yado(ru)
cottage; inn; hut; house; mansion

“The HUT was a roof over a hole in the earth,
but to us it was a MANSION.”
JUTSU; no(beru)
mention; state; speak; relate

“Did I MENTION the bird in the moving tree?”
JO; tsui(de); tsuide
preface; beginning; order; precedence; occasion; chance; incidentally

“Previously, they came out of the hut in ORDER.”
JOU; uketamawa(ru)
aquiesce; hear; listen to; be informed; receive

“Before, the waters LISTENED TO
the hand of Moses and divided.”
SHOU; mane(ku)
beckon; invite; summon; engage

“Hand BECKONS to ENGAGE with a sword at the entrance.”
JOU; eda
article; clause; item; stripe; streak

“This ARTICLE is about wooden sticks.”
status quo; conditions; circumstances; form; appearance

“That APPEARS to be a dog in my bed—just STATUS QUO.”
system; law; rule

“Cut and prune the ornate tree according to a SYSTEM.”
SEI; SHOU; saga
sex; gender; nature

“SEXUAL feelings are NATURAL and part of LIFE.”
SEI; SHOU; matsurigoto
politics; government

the only correct way to wield a stick.”
ZETSU; shita
tongue; reed; clapper

“A thousand TONGUES from a thousand mouths.”
DAN; TON; DON; katamari; maru(i)
group; association

“Hand puts items of same GROUP in the same enclosure.”
NIN; maka(seru); maka(su)
responsibility; duty; term; entrust to; appoint

“Person wears a jewel to show he’s been ENTRUSTED and
APPOINTED with a certain DUTY.”
HAN; BAN; waka(ru)
judgement; signature; stamp; seal

“Solomon’s JUDGEMENT was to SEAL
the kid’s fate by cutting him in half.”
printing block; printing plate; edition; impression; label

“The PRINTING BLOCK is a bent piece of
wood with an IMPRESSION on one side.”
HAN; BON; oka(su)
crime; sin; offense

“Dog sniffs at a slumped figure—it’s a CRIME scene.”
HI; ko(eru); koe; ko(yasu); ko(yashi); futo(ru)
fertilizer; get fat; fertile; manure; pamper

“Fleshy body is so well-FERTILIZED and FAT it’s bent over.”
un-; mistake; negative; injustice; non-

“Wings of a bird spreading apart –it’s UN-MISTAKE-able.”
FU; nuno
linen; cloth

“Hand spreads the LINEN CLOTH.”
BU; MU; take(shi)
warrior; military; chivalry; arms

“A WARRIOR can stop an army with a single halberd.”
BEN; HEN; wakima(eru)
valve; petal; braid; speech; dialect; discrimination; dispose of; distinguish

“DIALECT is a “PETAL” of SPEECH spoken
by only TWENTY persons.”
BOU; fuse(gu)
ward off; defend; protect; resist

“We have to DEFEND the village from every direction.”
YO; ama(ru/ri/su)
too much; myself; surplus; other; remainder

stuff under the roof.”